Voronezh under the wheels of love

"Eraser — Girl's Best Friend" — so said my summer residence girlfriend when I was 14 years old. Of course, at that moment she had in mind scrunchy, but we all laughed in the extent of their depravity. From this sentence I could not help, when I was invited to shoot a new production line at the Voronezh tire plant. Like every time when I go to the States, preparing himself to dull the spectacle. But it turned out very interesting. But we will not, as they say, pull the tire!

In Russia increased production of the famous tire Pirelli. As part of a joint venture with the Italian corporation "Rostekhnadzor" launched a new production line of "Voronezh-2" in this very factory. It became the property of the joint venture "Rostekhnadzor" and Pirelli in 2012, and the year before that, the partners bought the Kirov Tyre Plant. By the time of the acquisition of the entities were not in good shape and had large debts, but now both plants did well. During the year the co-owners have invested in the Voronezh plant 56 million euros.

New Voronezh tire plant — the site of a complete production cycle, like all plants Pirelli in the European Union. By 2015, the joint venture plans to invest in equipment and staff an additional 44 million euros. The total volume of investment in the three years will amount to 100 million euros.

The plant implemented an intelligent control system. Thanks to it you can track the status of the equipment in the online mode.

Now Voronezh company employs 1,200 people. The average salary there is 25 thousand rubles., While the area does not hold up to twenty — 19.2 thousand

Collaboration with the Italians, among other things, the advantage of our by the fact that workers are trained in the Voronezh Pirelli sites in Italy, Germany and Turkey.

The following year launched the production line should vyti the design capacity of 4 million tires.

By 2015, both plants owned joint venture "Rostekhnadzor" and Pirelli, will produce a total of 10.5 million tires annually. If you put these tires in a row, the length will be more than 1,840 kilometers — more than the distance between Moscow and Berlin.

In the near future, the Voronezh tire plant and logistics center will open. 80% of tires produced will be sold in Russia, and 20% will go for export — mainly in Canada and the Scandinavian countries.

At the opening ceremony of the line "Voronezh-2" CEO "Rostekhnadzor" Chemezov not cut ribbons, but the signature on the bus affiliate

In general, I can firmly promise you: no rubber no one will be! :)

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