Warning of volcanic eruptions and seismic activity in Australia

Scientists are now warning that volcanoes in Western Victoria and South Australia can be activated in the coming days.
Weather gave scientists a few hours after two earthquakes that occurred this morning.
Using new techniques, scientists from the University of Melbourne found that volcanoes erupt usually every 2,000 years, the last eruption at Mount Gambier, South Australia was 5,000 years ago.

Professor Bernie Joyce says Australia needs a plan for evacuation in case of eruption.

Scientists in Victoria are warning that we must prepare for a stronger shock after the earthquake of medium size, which took place today, July 5 at 11:32 am. The shock wave passed through the cities and suburbs more than 100 kilometers.
A series of tremors lasting up to 15 seconds was felt in Melbourne and south-eastern suburbs. The second series of aftershocks occurred in 12.37 Koramberra vechera.Eti tremors also felt in Melbourne

Senior seismologist Clive Collins said people should be prepared for a new push in the coming hours.

"There will be a lot of small earthquakes," he warned
After the last major earthquake in Victoria there were more than 200 aftershocks.

These earthquakes rocked the Melbourne office buildings and many homes across the state, including Warragul, Ferntree Gully, Sunbury and even the far north, near Melbourne Airport.

Seismologist Adam Pascal said 7News, what to expect, and strong aftershocks. But there is no way to predict their mgnitudu.
"This is very important for Australia, especially because recent earthquakes have been so close to an urban area," he said.

People report that their houses were swaying for about 10 seconds, and many reported that he heard the roar of the earth.

Daniella Augelli told 7News: «It was like a big push, but at the same time and had only had a few vibratsiya.Eto sekund.No there were cracks in the walls."

Damian said: "I was about to get up and make coffee when he noticed that the house was shaking. I asked my daughter, "Bridget, what is it?" She raised her head and said, "Earthquake." Bridget says that she felt like a sofa underneath vibrate.
Bridget points to a crack in the wall of his bedroom from today's earthquake

Anne of Glen Waverley said: "I heard the sound of a tile, and then shook the house with me. It felt like a freight train that runs underground."

Veronica Francis said that tremors were also Darnum. "This went on for a long time." She said
Wiggle was about eight seconds and was accompanied by a loud urchaniem.Mozhno have thought that the truck was driving under the house. "

Experts say that the earthquake was 8 kilometers underground, and the epicenter was located about 7 miles west of Koramberra.
So far no reports of any serious damage there but cracks in buildings.
Representatives from the center of Earth Sciences in Australia, received more than 300 reports from people who felt the earthquake.

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