We are waiting for answers on the status of minister of prisoners and beaten

A month ago, the Ministry of Health Radio Liberty invited to share information about the health of the politicians who were beaten and imprisoned on election day. All of them, despite the conclusion of a full-fledged citizens of Belarus that the Constitution guarantees the right to health care. The Company also guarantees the right to information about public health policy makers.

The Ministry and its press office chose the tactics of complete silence. Press Service did not respond to email inquiries on faxes. Telephone press service, published on the official pages of the ministry, was "paired": nothing but the "call back again" on it, we have not heard. Finally extracted by a mobile phone spokeswoman Olga Shulpina dropped the phone, "I'm at the hospital."

In those days, an unexpected source of dissemination of official information has become the Belarusian embassy in London. In his statement, reported even details such as the names of expensive (!) Tablets that takes Alexander Fyaduta, and the fact that all the arrested politicians "healthy." What doctor or institution made such a conclusion? — Contact us to an employee of the Embassy Valeria Kurdyukova. Mr. rump promised that the embassy will provide additional information "as soon as they have it in their possession."

February 10, exactly one month after sending questions from Radio Liberty, the Minister of Health Vasily Zharkov planned my online conference Online has learned. Editors learned believes that it will be about new technologies in the domestic medicine, the export of services, new hospitals at district and regional centers, expanding the range of fee-based services …

However, the wording of Radio Liberty hopes to hear the answers to earlier questions. Is the hunger strike ended Statkevich and this took place under medical supervision? Or can walk Sannikov? Or the diagnosis of injury Neklyaeva? As regards the Ministry of the abduction of a patient with severe medical institution? What state dyyabetyka Fyaduta? Why not show them to anyone? What services are going to export Belarusian medicine? Not that "absent treatment," which offered patients: let's wife on the phone describe his condition, and the doctor will prescribe the pill?

Availability Minister Zarko for questions is scheduled for Thursday, February 10, from 11 to 12 hours. We are waiting for answers!


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