Weather anomalies in European Russia

Weather anomalies in European RussiaSustained westerly flow determines the frequent changes of weather systems and wide variations of meteorological elements. Changing the phase of precipitation, atmospheric pressure jumps, leaps temperature. But do not change the climate of the season. In the North-West and Central Russia winter is still there. On Tuesday, the eastern half of the ETP will be affected by losing strength deep cyclone, which center on the coast will shift Nenets region, and a narrow trough will extend to the south. In the Volga region will develop a snow-blizzard and mild weather, at 0 … -5 °. In Central Russia in the rear of the cyclone spread cool air mass from Scandinavia. Pressure will grow rapidly. Clouds will decrease, places will charge wet snow, a little colder to -2 … +3 °. In Southern Russia, the passage of the front air cyclone is accompanied by precipitation in the mixed phase and gusty winds amid 0 … 5 °. North-West of Russia after the tumultuous events of the past days will be in the area of calm. The crest of the European anticyclone will determine the dry and relatively calm weather, with temperature -1 … 4 °.

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