What is the Chupacabra?

Chupacabra or goat vampire — a phenomenon that appeared in mid-1995 in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Something strange is killing all the cattle in and around the town of Canovanas (Canovanas), drinking all their blood. When the bodies were discovered, blood was sucked through one or two small wounds-hole (as needle stick). "Lesions usually a diameter of about a straw and three to four inches long" — said a local veterinarian who inspected several corpses of victims. Death were mysterious, and in September 1995 began a real panic.

Housewife saw Chupacabra attack and described the beast as Fanged, kengurupodobnoe creature with evil red eyes. Another witness from Canovanas, Misael Negron (Misael Negron), said that the creature was "about three or four feet tall (90-120 cm), with skin like a dinosaur. He had bright red eyes the size of chicken eggs, long fangs and studs on the rear of the head and then down the back. " It attacked their goat (that was the same with many other people). Hence the matter and the name — Chupacabra.

In November, news began to appear outside of Puerto Rico, reports of this vampire goat came from a wide area. Luis Guadalupe (Luis Guadalupe) described the creature as "ugly as a demon, and it flew through the air." He also said that the monster was "spiky long tongue of a snake." What is this creature? Some say it's the wolves, others that vampires, some that it is the devil, and a fourth said he had an extraterrestrial origin. Puerto Rico's long held a place of pilgrimage for UFO. There are rumors of secret U.S. military bases and mysterious glow in the sky. What's going on in Puerto Rico? Is it just a coincidence that the Arecibo Observatory is located in the northern part of the island? Only time will tell, but until then will be rampant rumors and fears.

They say that the Chupacabra is accompanied by an unusually strong smell of sulfur just like folk demonic creatures. Eyewitness Madeline Tolentino (Madelyne Tolentino), said: "It was jumping like a kangaroo and smelled of sulfur." In some cases, there is his supernatural strength. In one case, the monster allegedly tore the iron gates of size 16 by 14 feet (4.8 to 4.2 m) from the hinges to get to the animals. Rumor has it that the smell emitted creature is actually a method of immobilizing the animals when they suck their blood. The victims are not the only animals in which the monster attacks, but also the people … Angel Pulido (Angel Pulido) from Jalisco (Jalisco) reported that he had been bitten by something like "a giant bat that looked like a witch." Also in Mexico, Theodore Rice (Teodora Reyes) showed marks allegedly left claw chupacabra.

His vampiric quality, susceptibility to blood-sucking quite frightened residents of Puerto Rico and Mexico. It is quite possible that the chupacabra is hiding somewhere in the afternoon, probably in caves or underground. Unfortunately, especially in Puerto Rico, there are miles of cave systems that seem to stretch endlessly, making the hunt for the Chupacabra is almost impossible. But there is a Puerto Rican man who is willing to look for the creature. This Jose Soto (Jose Soto), Mayor Canovanas. It is reported that he was politsiiyu and people from the city through the bush in search of monsters. Rumored Soto was armed with a 12-inch crucifix to ward off the demon. Despite the fact that it's very funny, it shows the scale of horror, inspiring people of Puerto Rico.

Mexico and the United States

Recent reports of Chupacabras were made in California, Texas, Miami, and Baja California (Baja California), it shall be mentioned on numerous reports from Mexico. One of the first attacks in the United States occurred in Tucson, Arizona, where in the middle of the night were being attacked by two goats Nabiana Billy (Billy Nubian). He described it as a big "krysopodobnoe" a creature which, when discovered, let out a "non-human squeal" and ran away. In Baja California, found a dog with two-wire dot marks on the neck. So far this is the only report of Baja California. In Miami, 69 farm animals were killed in one night. Animals belonged to two families living in the area Svitvoter (Sweetwater), and they even went on television, where he said that it was a chupacabra.

Even in Panama murder. Arosa Daisy (Daisy Arauz) stated that Chupacabra killed their family dog. From the rural areas there are reports of dead animals from the needle marks on his neck. Saavedra Elizabeth (Elizabeth Saavedra) said it attacked in the middle of the night chupacabra.


Recently in Brazil around the chupacabra began much fuss. My correspondent in Brazil told me about the program, shown on Brazilian television June 29, 1997. There several times and have seen even once killed a Chupacabra. Two men fishing at night, when suddenly noticed something coming out of the lake. They did not realize what it was, so they shot him. The next morning, they found that it was a chupacabra. They cut off his head being and now she is with them. On a television program, they showed up and the interviewers asked people to cut off a piece of bone for analysis, but he refused. Another part of the transmission showed the American ufologist, who lives in Brazil, who said that he found the living beast. He refused to show it to local specialists, saying that the U.S. will only issledoavtelyam enter the house, which contains the substance. I am sure that he hopes to get the money for his "discovery."

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