What rules work in Belarus, foreign investors?

Society members: economists Leonid Zlotnikov andBoris Zheliba.

Leonid Zlotnikov

Boris Zheliba

Valery Karbalevich

Why foreign investors are offered exclusive conditions of work?

Valery Karbalevich"There is a hypothesis that increasing the number of foreign capital system in Belarus will change — in the direction of the market, European standards in all spheres of life.

But with the meeting with Lukashenko on Thursday we learned a lot about foreign investors. It turns out they do not work under the general rules that apply to everyone, but for some exclusive arrangements. Here it was found out that the company "Danone-Unimilk" these agreements violated. How can you comment on this? Does this correspond to international practice? "

Leonid Zlotnikov"In the early 2000s, was adopted by the Investment Code, according to which every investor should be a special agreement. When I was in Japan, spoke about these rules, one Japanese businessman. He said he would not go to a country for the law shall regulate the relationship. Because if the official rules of the game develops, it is the basis for corruption. "

If the official rules of the game develops, it is the basis for corruption.

Boris Zheliba"Do not perfected the technology cooperation with foreign investors. The contract should stipulate all conditions. That is — there is no order, and the president is right to draw attention. "

Karbalevich"You think it's right that a foreign investor is not on general conditions that apply to the Belarusian economic entities, and foreign, and exclusive, special conditions for each company? Or is it in line with international practice? "

General or special conditions?

Zheliba"I do not believe that such a practice which exists in Belarus should be the norm. For all must have common rules of the game. But I think that in some cases, temporarily, for some investors may be benefits. You do not have any interference from the President or from the government. "

Karbalevich"I want to remind you that, in addition to the Investment Code, there are 20-25 terms of privatization of Belarusian enterprises by foreign companies. Lukashenko is constantly talking about it. "

Zlotnikau"Investors need to perform general legislation on taxes, working conditions, protection of nature. And neither the president nor the local authorities should not interfere in the work of investors. We need to create conditions for free competition.

And we require the entrepreneur to make it work not on their interests, and the state to care for the social protection of the population. If the state takes over the care of citizens, it will interfere with the work of entrepreneurs. This is not a market, and the socialist model. And Lukashenka for this model all the "bends."

"Under the hood"?

Karbalevich"Another interesting story. Lukashenko said that he knows where the money the company "Danone-Unimilk" as profit shares. What about trade secrets? All investors are working "under the hood"? Again, as with international practice? "

Zheliba"If a joint venture, the relevant contract must be recorded as distributed profits. Thus accepted in the world. It turns out that there is no order. "

Most of the foreign investment in Belarus — Russian. They are willing to take risks.

Zlotnikau"Taxes foreign company must pay under the law. And what will make the investor a profit, that's his business. Here, the state should not interfere. After all, with this approach, no foreign investor will not come here. He has a way to go, and except for Belarus. "

Karbalevich"You say that in such circumstances no one will come. But go. Although not on the same scale that the Belarusian authorities want. So maybe many such conditions are satisfied — receive exclusive benefits and fulfill the conditions? "

Zlotnikau"These investors are also missing. But it's not serious investors with little money. By the way, in Belarus, little investment, especially direct. For example, last year this investment was only a few hundred million dollars. "

Zheliba"Foreign investors are somehow adapt. The strong influence of the political factor does. Foreign investors are not sure that their property is guaranteed that their work will not interfere with power. The last example with "Pinskdrev" alarming. Therefore, large investors do not go here. "

Zlotnikau"Most of the foreign investment in Belarus — Russian. They are willing to take risks and not calculate the difference. "



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