Who should NLP techniques?

The Company First this issue have been widely discussed 20 years ago, after the publication of the book "In Search of" Manchurian Candidate "by American author John Marks (Marks John. The Search for the "Manchurian Candidate": The CIA and Mind Control. — NY: WW Norton & Co, 1991). In the book, the author, based on the open archival materials, described the experience of the CIA on the control over the human mind and behavior with no physical and mental effects. It was about this method of manipulation of the human psyche in order to obtain relevant evidence, as human nevralingvistychnae programming (NLP).

Using NLP techniques punitive structures described USSR and the former Soviet dissidents. Among them, the former political prisoner (1972-1982), known Kiev psychiatrist, executive director of the Ukrainian-American Human Rights Bureau Semyon Gluzman.

"Kindly look into your eyes and appeal to a genetic fear"

Semyon Gluzman on, the scheme KGB investigators impact on the human psyche is quite simple: to politely look at eye contact and a variety of means, using a combination of certain words, body movements and facial expressions to appeal to its genetic fear (as evidenced by the 70-year history of the peoples of the former the Soviet Union, when people disappear for entire families told anecdote). If arrested or summoned for interrogation or simply, so to speak, is invited to an interview in the KGB man — neurotics and reacts to the situation emotionally, instinctively, the "treatment" itself is not very heavy.

The most rapid processing expect from people with intimate secrets in the field of …

According to a reputable psychiatrist, likely results can be obtained from conversations with people who have secrets in the intimate sphere: for example, if a person — homosexual or having sex with an underage partner. The behavior of these people are easily predicted after a little chat about what might happen to them in captivity.

If people do not like blackmail, and he knows how to adapt to changes in external circumstances, it is affected by other mechanisms.

As told in an interview with the "freedom" of the ex-presidential candidate Dmitry Uss, in conversations with him KGB investigators to obtain evidence against Statkevich, often made pressure on parental feelings:

I have a small child, In this they are the most press …

"I have a small child who must grow. At this they are most under pressure. They also put pressure on the fact that I have a business in Belarus. Said that if I go to jail, my business would fall apart if I get out of prison, I do not have a piece of bread will not be able to live normally. "

According to journalist Sergei Wozniak, which held in the KGB detention center 41 days on January 29 and was released on his own recognizance, "if apynaessya there, just two months before a court can admit to anything. most repressive methods. man not to go to jail, it just may reserve himself. "

"Bring the impact of NLP is very hard"

Psychological, Minsk Catherine, Today, to own NLP techniques, it is not necessary to be a professional psychologist or psychiatrist. She can learn a lot where, including, for example, a course of trade network:

"This technique is not something independent. Developers of NLP created them to integrate with many other professional activities. Here mechanisms and shamanism, and hypnosis, but the base — it padstroyvanne a man. Incidentally, this method, the use of which it is very difficult to prove. Example I had to deal with people who have been victims of representatives of financial pyramids. After appropriate treatment, they have a couple of hours requested: take us over, we gather this evening to a couple of thousand dollars. In another situation, a person can sign anything or give any testify against himself. prove the fact of manipulation in such cases is very difficult.

Irrespective of where and by whom this method is used, an ordinary person is not actually ready to protect against it. People are weaker, the same neurotic, react to it sharper. "

"Freedom""Can somehow keep themselves in such circumstances, those politicians or public figures who are suffering on nevrozy?"

In Belarus, neurotics do not mess with politics. Unlike Western counterparts, they have no roof, no cover, no lobby …

Catherine"A person may not realize that he neurotics. Although it may be aware of this. However, most such people refuse treatment. Believed that they themselves will be able to overcome the problem, or that such problems do not exist. Either way, Belarus neurotic best avoided with politics or public life. After all, politicians are extremely a lot of its competitors and adversaries. Moreover, not only by opponents but allies. Not everyone is able to adequately respond to it all. Unlike Western politicians who have a reliable roof cover, lobby, a group of supporters in our own, as I understand it, this is nothing. "

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