Wild deer looked into kindergarten Solnechnogorsk

All in shock and the people and animals. True, the wild beast after meeting people now need rehabilitation. Young deer in some odd way was inside the fence of the kindergarten in Solnechnogorsk, and to free the frightened animal, it first had to catch. All recorded video surveillance cameras.

Three-year roe already — under the supervision of foresters and is undergoing rehabilitation after a meeting with the big city …

And in Solnechnogorsk kindergarten number 32 is also trying to recover from an unplanned meeting with wildlife: there is now a favorite pastime — to view pictures with the cameras.

— In here, here, here running, see …

This was the day — and in a soul. Head to the test went to the kitchen — for tea and noticed a dark spot on the playground.

"And ran right here on this fence is not in the middle: looking for a way I understand. When I started to rush, we realized something was wrong, and I must go" — says Elena Lobotorova head.

Came out — and was stunned in the very center of the city — a wild animal: once leapt over the fence of the kindergarten. And what kind of animal it is not clear: Losenok, deer … maybe quivering doe?

— I say this deer, no, Losenok …

Summoned rescuers — a team of five people came running after 10 minutes. In fact, their specialization — pulling people out of a crumpled car accident, but do not throw the beast in trouble …

"We've had snakes, cats were unusual, but there was no deer" — laughing chief search and rescue team Sergey Sorokin.
Method of trapping deer in an enclosed space developed immediately. Running in a circle — almost a competition — who quickly out of steam: five strong men or one wild goat.

To the rescue operation to capture deer joined all employees kindergarten: teachers, nurses, maids. Not lucky enough to see the animal just for children: they're all asleep. Roe came running just in time for quiet time.

And in a silent teachers rescuers identified a couple baby blankets — with their help the animal eventually caught.

— This is the moment when she was caught and bind his feet so as not to run away. Here we drag her in a blanket of these were loaded into the vehicle.

While deer ran from the people on the fence hurt her nose, so I had right on emergency vehicle to transport cloven-hoofed in veterinary hospitals. There, under general anesthesia animal "patched" face.

"With a cosmetic defect her relatives would be treated with understanding, but this threatened the development of sepsis," — said the head of the medical department of veterinary station Denis Raczynski.

Veterinarians introduced roe protivostressovye drugs. Waited depart from the anesthesia, and gave foresters. However, back to the forest fugitive go only when he finally wakes up … And while each of the rescued deer life pushes version which force her kicked out of the woods and forced to go to the people.

"Maybe eat the smell still ran kindergarten porridge smelled delicious" — laughing Sergey Sorokin.

"Maybe in the local woods firecrackers, fireworks, many gardeners — the animal could wind up" — suggests Denis Raczynski.

In kindergarten all can never think of what could it be — an unexpected encounter with roe at preschool, but certain — a good sign.

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