Wild dogs or Chupacabra?

Within minutes, an unknown animal killed a nearly 40 rabbits, chickens and a few pigs. People turned to the duty of the police, but to explain clearly who was an intruder could not. One version — already created a sensation in other parts of the country the mysterious chupacabra.

Hearing a noise in the barn at 3:00, the night villager Kopytova (not far from Santiago), Vladimir Chernov came to know what was happening. Most of his domestic animals and birds were dead. The owner was able to see how the fence jumped three huge beast like dogs. Intruders bitten 13 chickens, 37 rabbits and two pigs. Virtually all farm families.

Son Andrew Chernov morning outfit called the police. Such cases there is not enough. "Chupacabra — is a creature unknown to science. Often take for her animals, altered by mutation or disease. For example, wild dogs, "- says Andrew.

Neighbors assured that this is not only an attack on animals Kopytova and that is exactly wild stray dogs, maybe sick or aggressive.

Kopytova residents say they have written several letters to the Committee on Environment and landscaping Tyumen to be freed from the dangerous neighborhood. No answer yet. The fact that the attack happened again surprise the villagers does not. They say that now has a flock of about 20
wild dogs.

Police officers made another record. Not the first and certainly not the last of the summer and fall. Who, when and how you will catch dangerous animals is unknown. Locals now fear for themselves and their children who are out of school in Antipinsky Kopytova through the wasteland and forest.

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