Wine became the agricultural product

The Russian government has supported the initiative of the Kuban to include wine in the list of agricultural products. This bill promoted the Krasnodar region for many years.

"Recognition of wines agricultural product, no doubt, a historic step. Step, which Kuban struggled for many years ", — said Alexander Tkachev, focusing on the fact that this bill has promoted the region for many years, and now growers can count on the edge of preferences for agricultural producers.

This is a very important decision in the first place for the Krasnodar Territory, as a recognized wine region. For the first time at the legislative level, supported by those winemakers who are themselves growing grapes and producing wine from it now.  

"From now on, forever a thing of the past strange limitations when the law forbade making wine in the same place where the grapes are grown — that is, on agricultural land. Therefore, each company had to be divided into two parts — Vineyard and Winery. From this double tax, the need to carry on the processing of grapes and other problems openly stifled the industry, "- said the governor.

Moreover, after the recognition of the agricultural products of wine — as it is in all the world — winemakers will be able to receive government support along with all landowners.

"But this applies only to those who can grow vines and making wine himself. It is important that in this way we are going to a civilized European model of production ", — said Alexander Tkachev.

According to the head of the region, but the entire production cycle can ensure the profitability of the farm. And behind it, and employment in rural areas, and the development of the chateau, attractive to tourists, and improving the culture of wine. In particular, the path will be open for the creation of small farms by type of French chateau, where farmers can not only planted a vineyard, but also the right to make their own, unique wines.

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