Wings of Russia. Outstanding aircraft / aircraft designers of the USSR (12 episodes of 12) watch online

Wings of Russia.  Outstanding aircraft / aircraft designers of the USSR (12 episodes of 12) watch online
Prominent Russian aircraft designers have brought a great contribution to the world of aviation. Difficulty of Professional Engineers was created by the most varied aviation technology that has made our country majestic aircraft power. Russian planes and helicopters widely known all over the world. On machines, designed in Russian Union installed hundreds of global high scores. Presented by the 12 documentary films from the studio "Wings of Russia" about the famous Russian aircraft designers Union.

01. Artem Mikoyan. Almost everywhere the word "moment" has become the emblem of the Russian fighter. Abroad so from time to time even call the fighters of other Russian companies. So resounding glory "MiG" almost all have a designer Artem Ivanovich Mikoyan. His contribution to the development of Russian aviation is unique. His name became forever in the history of world aviation.
He — one of the few representatives of our country, whose memory is perpetuated in the Hall of Fame Internationally the Aerospace Museum in San Diego (California, USA).

02. Nikolay Kamov. The word "helicopter" firmly entered our lexicon and changed the outdated concept of "helicopter." This is a word coined the aircraft Nikolay Ilyich Kamov. He is considered pervoprohodchikom of Russian rotorcraft technology. Specifically, the first in the Russian Kamov Union completed a flight to the main rotor.
Throughout his life, Nikolai Kamov intended to create rotorcraft technology. His work as chief designer had an obvious traits of innovation, courage, daring … he made in the late 40's design office to this day remains a favorite of generally accepted in the field of helicopters.

03. Jora Beriev. Russian aircraft have brought glory to the world-famous brands, "Tu", "IL", "MiG", "Su", "Yak" …
This is a string of separate brand "Be" — rightly bears the title of "leader of the amphibious." "Be" — short name of the famous aircraft Beriev Zhora. All of its aircraft one way or another has become a landmark in the development of the global hydro-aviation, starting with his first flying boat MBR-2. And so far amphibians A-40 and Be-200, made in KB that bears his name, are unsurpassed in many of their features.

04. Vladimir Myasischev. Vladimir Myasischev became known to the public in the 50 years of the twentieth century. That's when his aircraft for the first time shown in the parade. Myasishchev made machine for a long time been one of the guarantors of security in the cool Russian Union of war.
Vladimir was a great creative way: from the usual draftsman to chief designer. Throughout his life, he dedicated aircraft, not for one moment did not hesitate in his choice.

05. Andrei Tupolev. Andrei Tupolev — one of the largest aircraft designers of the XX century. Perhaps no other name in the Russian aviation has such significance as it is. He made history and was part of the story. In the design office under his direction created more than a hundred types of aircraft — from a small light aircraft ANT-1 and ending no small supersonic passenger airliner Tu-144.

06. Semyon Lavochkin. Semyon Lavochkin was the first in almost all areas of aviation and missile technology. First Russian plane with swept wings, the first flight of the speed of sound, the first intercontinental cruise missiles and anti-aircraft. He had the talent to create the future, able to look for solutions that can make a real breakthrough in the future. And at the same time, he was well aware that the need to specifically now.
A. Simon remembered employees not only as a professional, and truly sympathetic person. Such a person is in a majestic environment of people — truly unique.

07. Alexander Yakovlev. The name of Alexander Yakovlev comes in the list of the most recognizable figures of the world of aviation. He made more than 200 types and modifications of the beautiful, safe and comfortable in the management of machines. Yakovlev was a past master in the development of light aircraft. But his powerful mind could solve engineering tasks in any class of vehicles, from helicopters to bombers.
Alexander Yakovlev truly lived aviation. He was one of those who invested in it all his energy, time, knowledge, talent. Create aircraft was his passion and the main purpose of life.
This he had written a book that has become a reference for generations of people who love the sky.

08. Sergei Ilyushin. Park civilian and military aircraft were Russian Union of several brands of cars. In the middle of their planes with the mark "IL", made in the design office of Sergei Ilyushin.
Manufacturability, cost-effectiveness and safety of these aircraft — are the main principles of design school of Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin.

09. Pavel Sukhoi. Now aircraft grade "Su" known in the world. Designer these aircraft — Pavel Sukhoi — was always aimed at the future. Almost all of it was the key of success of his cars.
But the path to worldwide recognition aircraft Sukhoi was not ordinary. The team of Paul Osipovich fully tested and satisfaction victories and bitter defeats. But until now this famous aircraft KB form the basis of aviation of the Russian Federation — the Su-25 frontline bomber and Su-24 and Su-34, the famous Su-27.

10. Nikolai Polikarpov. Our homeland has given the world many outstanding aircraft. But only one of their colleagues was given the title of Regal — "The King of fighters."
It was Nikolai Polikarpov. But the "King of Fighter" experienced its own way of actual dramas and tragedies, no less than Shakespeare's Lear lord.
Only one plane bore his na
me — Po-2. But the famous I-15 and I-16, made by Nikolai Polikarpov before the second World War, brought glory to our aircraft in numerous military conflicts.

11. Oleg Antonov. He was unusually catchy and attractive personality. He wrote books on gliding and children's stories, fond of painting and played professional tennis. He loved to talk with young people and was not afraid to argue with vlastpriderzhaschimi. Designer Oleg Antonov lived incredibly busy life. She was just as multifaceted as his talent.
On its 60th anniversary in Polish and Russian journal were posted two interviews by Oleg. Reporters without saying a word, christened their articles prototype — "A man who is interested in everything …" But, despite the huge amount of enthusiasm, has become a matter of life Antonova aviation. He managed to build such a machine, which was made famous as the designer of the 1st of the best makers of transport aircraft in the world.

12. Mike Miles. In January 1970, Mike L. Miles has died at the age of 60 years. Throughout his life, he dedicated the work. His famous helicopters are known throughout the world. Mi-1, Mi-2, Mi-4, E-8, MI-6, B-1 and other rotorcraft appeared thanks to his genius. And let almost all of the hidden, he never managed to finish, the most important thing — Miles left the school associates, who continued his work.
Pupils Mile project was brought Mi-24. The concept Mile "helicopter — attack" was embodied in the Mi-28, known now as the "Night Stalker". The glorious line of educational and sporting Mi-1 and Mi-2 Mi-34 continued. And in a class languid helicopters Mil done hitherto unparalleled E-26.


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