Work MTW: If you do not steal — you will not live on the salary

What is left to the workers of the Minsk Tractor Works from the authorities promised to pay $ 500? How do they evaluate the current economic situation? Or seeking higher wages? These questions of "Liberty" Inna Studinskaya sorted out at the entrance of MTW.

Reporter"Do you have enough you pay?".

Mr."Uprygalad go, uprygalad! Five years ago, getting a same salary as today. A 20-fold everything became more expensive. Well, as it can be enough? If you do not steal — you will not live. Recently, Lukashenko said the director, "The tractor plant no place to put money." And the salary is not increased. "

Reporter"They tried to somehow fight for better wages? '.

Mr."Without meaning. The union is not working. The union is dancing to the tune of directors. Prybavlennya earnings is not. On the other hand, hit. "

Reporter"The President promised a salary of $ 500. Get to work on the 500? . " (Everybody cracks.)

Reporter"What smeyatsesya? '.

Mr."U.S. — 5000. A salary — 900000. So how much is it? Even the 200 does not come out, and you say … . "

Guy"$ 500 — for three months."

Man"The director of our salary — 3000 dollars. And take the average wage cleaners and director. "

Reporter"In 2015, Lukashenko promised $ 1,000. Do you believe? . "

Man"No, I do not believe."

To date, there are 200 dollars, and in 2015 is $ 100, or even 60. All this goes.

Mr."Never will be. God grant that has not decreased. To date, there are 200 dollars, and in 2015 is $ 100, or even 60. All this goes. "

Reporter"And you have enough salary? '. (Laughter.)

Reporter"Seeds nibble. Instead of dinner? . "

Man"Well, well. Seriously. "

Reporter"And try to protest, to fight for higher wages?".

Man"With his wife argue. Who else pasprachaessya? . "

Reporter"Girls, do you have a $ 500 monthly salary?".

Girl"My husband and earns more. He was a taxi driver. "

Reporter"By the way, you know that from today, the price of gasoline went up? 5100 letters gasoline costs? . "

Woman"Well, what can you do? Foot, "the eleventh issue of" we will walk. "

Reporter"But, look, a lot of cars at the entrance of the plant."

Woman"The people are not poor. Look at the cars are expensive … Belarusians — are tolerant people, it is difficult to raise them to revolt to revolution. "

Reporter"Do you have to pay the promised $ 500? '.

Guy"I will not tell you, because I — a young professional, a young professional is not subject to a salary of $ 500. I have enough experience to make that kind of money. "

Mrs."I work in a factory for 15 years. Once earned, even on an old typewriter. But now I can not afford to drive it, it will rot at home. Gasoline costs so much money! A salary is enough to pay the rent, but on bread and water. I do not know how to survive. At honestly earned money will not live. As children grow, when education is paid? People are silent, silent, but then once he spread his wings. I hope … . "


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