WWF fears for the preservation of World Heritage Sites in Russia

Environmentalists fear for the conservation of World Heritage sites, as they are not included in the list of federal environmental Supervision, Ministry of Natural Resources published earlier in January, but the agency has determined that these objects will not be deprived of conservation status.

All of the UNESCO World Heritage can be only protected area (PA). Most of the heritage in Russia are located in protected areas of the federal level, but some are under regional control (for example, "Volcanoes of Kamchatka"), which include both federal and regional reserves.

"If heritage sites are located in the RPAs, they are subject to regional ekokontrolyu. This is not quite correct, since Russia is responsible for the international community, it must bear responsibility for and control. We will send a letter to the Ministry of Environment on this issue", — said the News Coordinator on Environmental Law WWF Russia Ekaterina Khmeleva.

At the same time, the finalization of the draft resolution MEP will take into consideration the request of the fund for the inclusion of heritage sites in the list of federal ekonadzora, told RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Rinat Gizatulin. However, he said, other ministries may remove the phrase, referring to the fact that it is not based on law.

"I understand what they say colleagues from WWF: a regional inspectors are not authorized to have inspectors RPN and federal protected areas — the right to initiate administrative proceedings, draw up a report on administrative offenses. If any violations of the protected areas, we have the right to carry out all the works . Subjects of the Russian Federation does not have all the same rights, "- said the deputy minister.

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