Yeti — a hybrid of earthling and space aliens?

"Bigfoot" was identified by scientists. Genetics do not exclude that the yeti — a hybrid of earthling and space aliens.

— There are results of an extensive research and years of DNA "snowmen", — the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Igor Burtsev, Ph.D., director of the International Center hominology.

According to Igor Dmitrievich accessing the sensational reports, analyzes were conducted in the U.S. under the direction of Dr. Melba Ketch — Chapter DNA diagnostics laboratory in Texas (Dr. Melba Ketchum the head of DNA Diagnostics, Nacogdoches, TX, USA). For five years, experts have studied the 109 biological samples collected in North America — the United States and Canada. Among them — the traces of blood "snow people" fingerprints, saliva, their hair and even a piece of flesh from the skin and hair.

A total of more than three dozen sequenced mitochondrial genomes and received three complete genome of the mysterious yeti, which here is called Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

The study involved several laboratories, including academic, private and public.

The result of genetic examination shocking: Yeti — is people. But the hybrid species. Arose from a cross of modern man, and no one known prehistoric creatures close to primates.

According to mitochondrial DNA samples, hybridization occurred no earlier than 15,000 years ago. Place of occurrence of the first "snow people"-Europe, specifically — Central Eastern or Oriental.

The manuscript of a scientific report — several dozen pages — is transferred to the peer-reviewed journal. In the near future with its full version will be made available experts.

Comments of the scholars

Hairy were aliens

— And what is this "creature unknown to science, which is close to the primates," to interfere in the earth's evolution, from contact with which the "snow people"? — I ask Igor Burtsev.

— Is well established that being — no relatives or Denisovskoye Neanderthal man — meets Russian hominology. — In addition, 15 000 years ago, the people of these species from the face of the Earth has gone — extinct.

— Then who was the ancestor of the hairy giants?

— I do not rule out the assumption, which seems absolutely fantastic. In hybridization could participate aliens have visited Earth. It's too unusual DNA found in the samples studied in the United States.

— Among the samples mentioned a piece of flesh from the skin and hair. What does this mean?

— Flesh and skin with hair — from the Sasquatch, who was killed two years ago in the Sierra of California. Local hunter shot — a young guy who maintains anonymity. Afraid of retaliation by the Defenders of Wildlife and many friends, "Bigfoot", which the United States and thousands who detest. At least, there is a version of the appearance of the "flesh."

It is said that the dead man was a female, and together with her and teenage son. The circumstances are not known. We only know the place where the tragedy occurred. There went anthropologists. Found that — not yet reported. As well as that, where there are corpses.

Sam case in California called "Sierra killz" — "Murder in the Sierra."

— Igor D., 15 thousand years ago, people have had a view, indistinguishable from our own. Yeti is all hairy. So, hybrid aliens awarded such a feature?

— Obtained as follows. Roughly speaking, of course. We do not know all the features. But maybe, thick hair came later — as a result of adaptation to local conditions. And one of the goals of hybridization.

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