10 good reasons for panspermia

There are phenomena in the universe that my mind refuses to accept and understand. One is spontaneous generation of life. I can not put as from non-living, and there was further developed, self-improving, as have such complex biological mechanisms and linked together for a common goal — to life.

There are several theories of the origin of life. The scientific world can not come to a general theory, since each of them has their arguments and their inconsistencies. One of the possible theories of the origin of life is panspermia — entry germ of life (microorganisms) from outer space.

By the way, such a theory of life on Earth, it seems pretty reasonable, but still trying to put the blame on someone a solution, but did not explain its origin, ie life originated is not here, somewhere, but it is not known. Below I will discuss 10 facts supporting the theory of panspermia.

1. The main tenets of panspermia

Panspermia concept is based on two initial positions
— eternal life;
— ubiquity spread of life in the universe.

2. Meteorites — vectors of life

Most likely catch by extraterrestrial with meteorites and cosmic dust. This assumption is based on the data of the high stability of certain organisms and their spores to radiation, high vacuum, low temperatures and other factors.

3. Controlled panspermia

Francis Crick and Leslie Orgel suggested in 1973, is another option — controlled panspermia, that is, the deliberate "contamination" of the earth (along with other planetary systems) microorganisms delivered by unmanned spacecraft developed alien civilization that may be in front of a global catastrophe or just hoped to make terraforming other planets for future colonization. In support of his theory, they have resulted in two main arguments — the universality of the genetic code (known to other variations of the code used in the biosphere is much less and do not differ from the universal) and the significant role of molybdenum in certain enzymes. Molybdenum — a very rare item for the entire solar system.

4. Processing of spacecraft

Scientists fear that with satellites, go to the other space objects, we can go to place terrestrial microorganisms. Therefore, all space vehicles are antibacterial treatment.

5. Chiral purity

For the benefit of non-chemical origin of life is evidenced by the fact that the chemically synthesized molecules of the right and left isomers are approximately equal, while in vivo synthesized only one isomer. Chiral purity of biological molecules, the fundamental difference between living matter.

6. Deep Impact

Received in 2006, the results of Deep Impact mission to study cometary material showed the presence of water in cometary material and simple organic compounds. According to the advocates of panspermia, that fact indicates comets as one of the possible carriers of life in the universe.

7. Bacteria age 3.8 billion years

As arguments, Academician Yuri Rozanov provides information that a few years ago have been found in Greenland bacteria age of 3.8 billion years. And our planet 4.5 billion years old, and in such a short time life, in his opinion, would be unable to arise.

8. Techno panspermia

The mission of Apollo 12 were found living organisms on Earth landed probe Surveyor 3, which confirms the possibility of man-made panspermia.

9. Meteorite Efremovka

In the study of meteorite Murchison meteorite Efremovka and related to carbonaceous chondrites, they, with the help of an electron microscope, have been found preserved details of its cellular structure of fossil pieces of filamentous organisms resembling lower fungi, and fossils of some bacteria. The studies were designed in such a way that the studied minerals are not different from the substance itself, which minimized the possibility of studying the traces of terrestrial contamination.

10. Pressure flux

The opening of the Russian physicist PN Lebedev about the pressure lumen, was seen by some scholars as evidence of independent movement dispute on outer space. One of these scientists was a Swedish physicist S. Arrhenius, who proved by calculation possible in principle to the transfer of bacterial spores from planet to planet by the pressure of light.

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