2012: Apocalypse according to Davos

The most devastating of the 50 accidents cited in the report 'Global Risks 2012 and the end of the world ", experts believe a systemic financial crisis, which scored 4.1 points. Weakest — distribution of debris — 2.5 points.

Most likely in 2012, chronic fiscal imbalances and excessive income inequality (little more than 4 points on a scale of probability), and the least likely to militarization of space — about 2.7 points

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The most serious risk associated with the lack of food and water, already mentioned income inequality and imbalances, excessive fluctuations in energy and agricultural products, terrorism, the growth of greenhouse gas emissions and the failure of humanity to adapt to climate change.

Funny, is threatening not only the inability to overcome climate change, but also the unintended consequences of a successful struggle, however, it is much less important (2,8 points on probability and 3 points on the effect).

The World Economic Forum predicts decade of turmoil and hardship for the world. In the first place — not military threats and climate change, and economic problems and social unrest.

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