2012 — completion of the fifth cycle of the Aryan race

2012 — completion of the fifth cycle of the Aryan race, or a smooth transition of Mother Earth and humanity into a new dimension, or the Last Judgment, which must pass through the human race.

In the prophecies of many ancient civilizations, including the Sumerian, Aztec, Maya, and others, in the esoteric literature, esoteric sites, information obtained by channeling in messages received contactees said the imminent completion of the fifth cycle of the Aryan race. That is, we — all living descendants of Adam and Eve in the space of the Earth, the solar system, constellation of the Pleiades, the Milky Way galaxy are part of a universe, a world of Creation.

The statements of the Maya said the completion of the Fifth Sun (that is, our fifth race) December 21, 2012. The Mayan civilization is likely to come to us from our native constellation Pleiades star with Maya. This civilization suddenly appeared and suddenly disappeared, leaving behind a lot of mysteries.

The traditional religions also say the Last Judgment and the end of the world through which humanity has passed. In esoteric literature indicates that one cycle of rotation of our solar system around the central sun of the Pleiades constellation, Alcyone completed within 26 thousand years. After each cycle of the Earth's axis is changing, and the new axis of the Earth will rotate under the new polar star. Earth is completely cleared of accumulated mental and physical waste of human activity. Humanity itself go through Judgment, that is holding the exam before the Almighty. 26,000 years ago, at the end of the next cycle in the world home to 2 billion people, and after the Last Judgment survived 1 million, and later were scattered over the earth. And 13,000 years ago, the most advanced civilization of the Earth — Atlantis sank beneath the sea.

The current cycle is different from previous ones in that both should occur in several cycles on Earth, the solar system, in our constellation of the Pleiades, close to us in spirit star system Sirius and Orion, our Milky Way galaxy and the universe. Power of Love and Light of the Cosmos trying to mankind without a huge loss, moved into a new cycle. The transition is inevitable, no one has the right to cancel, that — that is scheduled to God. The only way to explain to mankind that it prepare for the transition, increase the love, get rid of dark ballast. A force under the influence of power — darkness, trying to mankind remains forever in the dark, and served them as an energy source.

The more our planet operates secret government, which is subordinate to this force. The appearance of many teachers in different parts of the world — North America — Drunvalo Melhesidek, South America — Jose Arguelles, Africa — Theun Marez, Asia — Satyan Baba Bulent Chorak, Australia — Dzhasmuhin, Europe — Oris, Klyuev AV .. the emergence of various societies and schools help humanity understand that waiting for him, as it should behave in a difficult moment, as it should be free from the influence of darkness and seek the light. The forces of darkness through advertising maya pushes humanity to the hoarding and consumerism and increasing fear in the hearts of the people to keep humanity in a sturdy leash to it performed for them as a supplier of low-frequency vibration.

Humanity itself feels the impact of this negativity coming from institutions working on the forces of darkness. Awareness of God's creation itself, can save humanity from the traps set by these forces. In its history, often falling under the influence of these forces humanity — an insult to humiliate, kill, God's messengers. The impact of these forces on the planet are very huge. They push the human race, that it has turned our planet into a garbage dump of mental and physical waste, barbaric way wasting resources of Mother Earth turning on its similarity to the dead planet Mars.

Today NASA marsahody furrowing his red — brown expanse looking for signs of life. Esoteric information on 50,000 years ago, Mars was a habitable planet. Militancy inhabitants of Mars put an end to the future of our neighbor. Descendants of Martians on Earth a lot, their distinguishing feature, to decide all by force. According to the extraterrestrials from Sirius B Earth's secret government, which includes the 2,500 wealthiest families in the world, for a long time with their hands caught in aliens — aliens being held in a secret U.S. military base — "Area 51" have created vehicles that are easy to travel between Mars and Earth . On behalf of the secret government — NASA has created for the secret government of the state and their families underground cities on Mars.

If the world will begin disasters they instantly move into neighboring planet, but no one can escape divine judgment, and will not save the underground city on the Red Planet. Post extraterrestrials from Sirius B confirms why most of the material on the NASA Mars kept secret. When a NASA satellite recorded on Mars pyramid complex on the similarity of the Egyptian — NASA tried to information about the Martian pyramids was not included in the press, but it was too late. On the other side of the world media, which is under the control of the financial magnates of the world, tends to ignore the information about the quantum transition of the Earth in the fourth dimension, but the billionaire secretly preparing for this cosmic event.

Owners of these rich, too nice for the majority of humans remained in darkness would serve them as a source of energy. But if they can fully or partially control the media, the Internet can not fully control. The largest site in Russian NEV AGE MASTERS, will contribute to inform the public. Most of the information on this site provided by our space brothers that give detailed information about the quantum transition that awaits humanity, what to do, what to beware of us.

The transition is inevitable, that — that Gd decided that no one can cancel. Transition scenarios ranging from severe to mild cataclysms smooth transition. What it will be, the ultimate scenario of transition — 2012 was adopted at a very high cosmic level. That the transition went smoothly, without disasters, you need to power the society increased, humanity must help his love — to our Mother Earth and all that live in it, with no accidents and losses transferred to another dimension. One indication of the approach of the transition is — the weakening of the magnetic field of the Earth and Heightening amounts of disasters on Earth. Mother Earth herself trying to get rid of the unnecessary ballast that reduces its energy.

Humanity should take an example from our brothers dolphins and whales that make a huge contribution to improving energy of the Earth. Alien intelligence asserts that in the consciousness of the dolphins and whales are — larger than life. They were brought to us from the Sirius star system. Dolphins and whales, as people do not kill all in a row, and aggressively tuned to your mother — Earth.
Mankind must help Mother Earth to quantum transition is smooth, and it should increase the love and strengthen unity in everything that surrounds it.

Only love and unity and salvation of the Earth humans. Destructive beings, on the contrary increase the fear, hatred and violence, this transition was not answered or ended tragically for the earth and humans. They, through its media promote a lifestyle where money, material wealth is transformed into the meaning of human existence. This western doctrine led to plunder the world's resources, and the transformation of the space of Mother Earth in the sump of mental and material waste. Although our space brothers warned the rulers of the Earth, to stop the looting of the Earth, and in return offers a safe technology that could save the Earth from the barbaric attitude.

But technology is not secure good financial aces planet they remain without a source of income. Americans contrary to newcomers from other tehnotsivilizatsiyami found common ground. First, Americans are interested aggressive technology, that is the technology of destruction. That Americans have the most terrible weapon NAARR that destroys all living and nonliving. According to experts on cosmic contact, ufologists, the main reason for the American invasion of Iraq is not a fight against terrorism, nor the rich oil resources of Iraq, and are completely different plane.

According to the esoteric, mystical, specialists in arcane sciences, in our solar system 12 planets and not 9 planets, according to modern astronomy. 12 planet in the solar system Nibaru for 3600 years around our sun makes one revolution. It was from the planet civilization akunakov Nibaru Sumerians got their vast knowledge of the different areas of the knowledge of the Sumerians were the Babylonians, Syrians and later it spread to other cultures of the Earth.

In akunakov in what is now Iraq, was the underground city. This underground city is left Supertehnologiya akunakami. Nibaru approach of the planet is expected early in the 21st century. During the rule of Saddam Hussein, one of the ships of the planet Nibaru performing exploration flight crashed in what is now Iraq. Intelligence agencies of Saddam wreckage was taken to an unknown area. Nibaru representatives without the permission of Saddam Hussein could not penetrate the underground city. To extraterrestrial technology does not fall into the hands of Iraqi dictator to akunaki agree with Saddam, the Americans under the guise of fighting "terrorism" without UN entered Iraq to extraterrestrial technology they received.

According to some UFO researchers, contactees, Americans agreed with representatives of extraterrestrial tehnotsivilizatsiyami the exchange of technology, so that they in the Earth behave freely. They can do without the permission of the Americans to act in the earth, but they do not want to violate the cosmic law of non-interference. When the Americans were given permission free action, they will have to answer for it tomorrow before the forces of the cosmos.

Hostile attitude of these extraterrestrial tehotsivilizatsii for humanity often observed in the media world. In turn, the global media tries all alien civilizations visiting Earth show only a black background. This is done on purpose. Humanity itself is alien to other star systems. Our space brothers have always helped us, and quietly since the onset of the aliens watching humanity to it that — something not done, they have not forgotten the lessons of Atlantis. The appearance of alien ships in this area in 40 years has increased dramatically.

When mankind has developed and used against their fellow nuclear weapons. Often their appearance is fixed near military installations. They know that God forbid that terrible weapons falling into the hands of dictators, fanatics, then from our civilization and Mother Earth is nothing left. When the ship "Apollo 13," the accident occurred and he could not landed, the true reason for the accident Americans spoke. And on board the ship was a mini-bomb, the Americans wanted to try it on the moon.

"Apollo 13" is constantly accompanied by alien craft, and they turned off the systems that have been associated with dangerous weapon, and the ship itself is not able to sit on the moon. 13,000 years ago, Atlantis sank into the water. The main reason for the disaster nastigshey this civilization was the development in the direction of technoculture and the creation of weapons of mass destruction. In 1969 when the first man Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon were waiting aliens, was to be held the first contact with alien civilization of humans, but the Americans did not allow its astronauts to meet. The moon is the base of Sirius, they are his observations on the state of the Earth and humans. And we ourselves are the aliens from the Sirius star system, Orion.

We were referred to in the arms of Mother Earth spiritually, emotionally, and physically developed and delivered from the Empire — from the cosmic poison. Only the core of Mother Earth can turn poison into cosmic positive energy. But now she is choking on the number of toxins that humanity has recently increased tenfold. Instead of the spiritual development of our fifth civilization — Aryan Atlanteans repeating the mistakes choosing the path of technological development will ruin Mother Earth, and the barbaric attitude. Although it is for our education, for our happiness gives himself entirely, and we pay for their ingratitude duty. Atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere of the Earth to the filthy ground. Oil and gas kings who rule our world are keen to secure a new, green technologies to achieve energy earthlings offered our space brothers, are not put into practice, and that they will lose their source of income. Cash Kings of the world through its media, movies ridicule our brothers from other dimensions, showing them how horrible monsters. Those hostile aliens who abduct people spend with them different experiences, it is authorized financial magnates of the world are engaged in this dark craft.

Instead, the financial kings received military technology, which is widely used for the destruction of human kind in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other man-made hot spots. Financial kings, at first imperceptibly dragged the Soviet Union into the war in Afghanistan to its economy's dependence on oil revenues collapsed, and later the Soviet Union itself disappeared when the red empire collapsed financial bosses of the world through their front men, the oil companies have dead power in their hands. When their students the Taliban were in power in Afghanistan, under the pretext of combating terrorism include themselves in Afghanistan, now they send to different corners of the world filled with war planes and drugs.

The more chaos in the world is better for the rich. One of the reasons why the information about the contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, the quantum transition of the Earth is kept in perfect secrecy, are the financial magnates of the world. They want to keep humanity in a deep isolation. When humanity learns of the existence of foreign civilization, quantum transition of the Earth, then it can get out of control.

Do not be afraid! Fear is the main weapon of the dark forces. Fear is the opposite affects energy Mother Earth. We have to think about saving souls, and no body. To love, to pray, repent, and trust in God's will!

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