5 ways in which the brain fools us head


All around are busy in that show off our eyes and manipulate our poor minds. The fight for the main brain powder compact was played between marketers, politicians, magicians, advertisers.

We have learned to take it for granted, and take off the regular pasta products from their ears just to admire its exquisite form. However, there is someone who is able to control your mind, distracting him and maliciously deceiving. Someone who you trust with your life and do not expect the bases. Someone acting from within.

This is — your own brain. Most likely, he will try to kill you in the process of reading to its secrets remained secrets, so try to distract him with something.

Here is the first of his tricks:

1. Change blindness

You would not notice a very clear change in the object, which looked at a moment ago. What does this mean?

For example, you admire Photos of Justin Bieber. Well, do not admire. Look down with contempt. Here for a few seconds you something distracted. Then you think back to the photo.

If those few seconds Justin will get a green jacket and sunglasses, you will not notice the change. That's how our brains.

If you do not believe our slander, again briefly, and turn away. back to Justin, triumphantly poke at all the same green jacket — your brain is 2-0. After all, now Justin — against oboychikov with ponies and rainbows.

The study of this phenomenon began in the seventies psychologist George McConkey. If you're still worried about his defeat, we can be comforted that their examples McConkey-illustrations posted right on the same page. And the people who read his works, still could immediately tell the difference between picture A and picture B.

Why did he do this to us?

The phenomenon of change blindness is often associated with another brain-complete fake: inattention blindness. If your brain will handle all the details is coming into his pictures, you simply fall into madness. It's like on the eve of the session, but continuously and is a million times worse. Therefore brains wisely chooses only the information supposedly valuable and focuses on it. Ponies and rainbows are swept aside for impracticality. The brain is happy to tell lies to you that they were there from the very beginning, if only you do not get hung on it.

Sometimes it is already too

You have no idea how often the brain turns your attention to detail. Scientists (no doubt in a secret collaboration with the brain) had fun in the guise of a scientific experiment as follows: at the desk in the office they put the person who communicated with the participants — students who came to get a job. The man explained how to fill out a form to include, what to do next. At some point, the other person, all the while hiding under a desk, supplanted the former. He asked a few questions, and the student, as if nothing had happened, answered them without noticing any change. And this despite the fact that the second man looked different, had a different hairstyle and was wearing a different outfit!

2. Masking intermittent eye movements

The essence of this trick is that about forty minutes a day, every man is completely blind, though they do not notice it.

You can spend almost a scientific experiment that proves it. Quick, look in the direction of the kitchen! In that split second when your eyes darted from the computer to the kitchen and back — you were completely blind. And, of course, did not notice it.

Why did he do this to us?

You start motion sickness even when watching "Pirates of the Caribbean"? When the picture on the screen shakes and turns, you begin to stir? This is what your brain does not like fast moving images, and generally against any sudden movements. But the movement of your eyes faster than changing images on the screen. Look at that again in the kitchen. It is not a dizzy? And all of that simply blocks the brain is blurry, which we, in theory, should be seen in the eye movements.

Another look at the kitchen. In fact, not one, and do not argue. At least three to four additional eye movements — such is the order of our brain. And yes, all these blurry "shots" he simply excludes from perception. That the world did not seem to us to show on Skype with slow internet.

Sometimes it is already too

By the most conservative estimates, all of the above means nothing as forty minutes of total blindness in the day. And the brain is masterfully disguises it convincingly insisting that no blacks in that moment when you looked away from the monitor on the landscape outside the window was not.

3. Propriopertseptsiya

Imagine that your brain has a Google map of your body, full, colorful, three-teh and in real time. But while he has a case of sudden attacks of cartographic cretinism.

In other words, propriopertseptsiya — the ability of the brain to always know exactly where the moment your other limb relative to the body, provided that they are still growing from this body. In general, anything strange and sinister: this remarkable ability helps us do not carry past the mouth sausage sandwich while your eyes are busy reading the news on facebook.

For that he is with us so?

This time he did not mean to. Only if he suddenly gets confused, for example, under the influence of alcohol. As happens if propriopertseptsiya does not work, well known to anyone who passed a field sobriety test and missed his index finger past the nose.

Sometimes it is already too

Another group of scientists in the academic, of course, goals, leading people to believe that their nose up to half a meter. They are baffled propriopertseptsiyu subjects electrical stimulation biceps and triceps, ordering in advance to bring a finger to the tip of the nose. And on the wonders of science — experimental experienced the illusion that the nose is growing rapidly in length!

4. Cryptomnesia

Sometimes the trick is called "unconscious plagiarism": your brain stealing other people's ideas, palming them to you under the guise of your own.

Your brain is not so good in everything, for whatever he undertook. Among its weaknesses — remembering that it came from this or that idea. The main thing — the idea, and its source — minor matters. So the situation is seen in our brain, who is convinced that the copyright — a thing for the survival of third-rate.

The high-profile examples are not so much, but we know that George Harrison paid 600,000 dollars for a song that genuinely believed her. Certainly there are people who feel that they came to mind a wonderful tale story about a boy, who was invited to the school to confront the evil wizards and for seven volumes. And someone wants to make a film about the little man with hairy legs, all of which will save by dropping a magic ring into the mouth of a volcano.

And some confusing dreams with reality, it is also cryptomnesia.

Why did he do this to us?

As already mentioned, the origin of the idea or story of survival is not important, and we strongly try to remember where we have a wonderful line of the head showing white sail lonely, irritated brain determines the authors themselves. That is, its owner.

Sometimes it is already too

Studies have shown that cryptomnesia works most often in cases where the real author and the unfortunate unconscious plagiarist of the same sex. In general, the more they look like. The greater the chances of this here unconscious borrowing. So if someone suddenly announced, stating that came up with a marvelous story of Frankenstein, more than likely, it will be a woman.

5. The subconscious behavior

Mystics call it foresight. In fact, this is just another trick of our shameless brain.

But still, it can be called a prediction, given that in most cases, Wang out of our brain — the useless, and it is often mistaken. However, the brain is often believes it can happen so and so, and should do so and so. And he starts to act without consulting with you, as it sees fit. That is, many things we do before we realized that they need to do.

For that he is with us so?

If not for this trick, we would be most awkward creatures on this planet.

Our brain — an interesting thing, capable of many things, we have the intelligence and imagination, but most of our ordinary human abilities rather useless in the event of an unexpected danger. Therefore, the brain, apart from the ability to think, to control our body and mind to fool us, very carefully keeps an important life experience, based on that and make definite predictions at critical moments.

The experience itself can be forgotten for a long time, you got burned as a child on the milk and blow my entire adult life on the water. Even in the cold. The brain is reinsured? Just once you fools head.

Sometimes it is already too

Scientists (where the same without them) have recently discovered a curious thing: if you connect your brain to a special scanner and ask you a question that requires a decision, the lamp associated with the charge of the decision-making portion of the brain light up for a few seconds before you are aware of what- some choose to. In other words, if in the morning you decide not to go to work, to be sure, the idea that affect patients gave you brain before you wake up.

If there was a scanner that reads the specific information in your brain, the owner could have a handicap of a few seconds to predict what decision you make and how to answer a particular question.

And this fact make us think hard about the existence of free will.

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