A doctor in the United States killed premature babies, cutting scalpel Ridge

In Philadelphia, began re-hearing of the case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, on whose conscience death of a pregnant patient, and at least four infants.

For 40 years, Gosnell was the chief physician of the City abortion clinic Women's Medical Society. Gosnell clinic conducted operations to abortion in late pregnancy (after 24 weeks), so the client went to the clinic from all over America — Late abortion is illegal in many states.

According to investigators, the clinic monstrous unsanitary conditions prevailed: it was like a real factory of death. As it turned out, the Pennsylvania Department of Health did not conduct inspections of medical facilities since 1993.

One of the victims of Kermit Gosnell was a boy born in the seventh month. According to the testimony of an assistant nurse Gosnell Linda Williams, the child spontaneously breathing and moving, but the doctor cut the infant spine in the neck area. Currently confirmed four such cases. Also at the hands of the doctor-killer died a refugee from Bhutan Mongar Karnamayya. She died from an overdose of drugs for anesthesia before surgery and abortion.

As reported by the Philadelphia media, in practice, Gosnell had many other horrific cases: severe injury patients, abortion without anesthesia, and even forced abortion of a female minor. But every time he managed to escape the prison. If a jury doctor guilty of murder, he could face the death penalty

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