A kilogram is heavier?

The confusion has caused the scientific community to the British scientists from the University of Newcastle.

It was reported that as a result of the changes in the environment of world standard — kilogram becomes more difficult. "Stored in Paris at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures as the global benchmark for the kilogram added 137 years of its existence in weight," — said the London newspaper "Daily Telegraph". Although the extra weight of tens micrograms, but the physics is very significant value, since they lose its weight constant.

The situation is complicated by the fact that in the world there are 39 replicas kept in Paris standard kilogram, which at the time were sent to various countries around the world to maintain a uniform system of weights and measures. Now, according to some scholars, they are becoming more different from each other in weight due to the climatic and other conditions existing in different parts of the world.

"Place in the world, industrialization and the functioning of modern society have led to the fact that the surface of the reference kilogram acquired plaque in the form of additional particles — says research team from the University of Newcastle. — The international system of standard weight was now in danger of creating chaos in it. We came to horrified when they saw that the surface is stored in one of the UK 40-kg reference accumulated particles of mercury ", — said the head of the work of Professor Peter Kempson.

According to obtain a copy of the information being discussed question of whether to hold a special "dusting" surfaces of all 40 kilograms of reference in order to return them to a single weight.

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