A meeting of representatives of the fans and law enforcement authorities

Yesterday at 17:00 in the press center of the club representatives met fans and senior law enforcement, Chief MPS and still a major riot on (do not remember the title). Talk about the course of the meeting makes no sense, since the constructive dialogue could be considered. The fans were taught the lessons of history and sotsialogii. Suffice it to say on the outcome. First it was we lost the Cold War. Despite the fact that most of us not knocked another 10 years, but we finally lost it. Secondly, in all civilized countries, people are not allowed to discuss the actions of law enforcement. But at the same time obliged to fulfill all their orders. It turns out you can dokinut lighter with the sector to the gate. Aumont protects us from us. We were complaining about all the other stands for the fact that this sector is drunk and foul language. As for the rest, they are sick without a mat, sober and kiss with the cops. It turns out that there is censorship, and that swearing is not determined by the cultural traditions of society, namely the guardians of law and order. In general it was pretty fun especially citizen colonel. Meanwhile nemenee have been some agreement that will be announced later (schA just write zadolbalsya)

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