A new version of Kaspersky Anti-NANO ( Beta)

Dear users!
On the eve of the New Year, we bring you yet another improved version of NANO AntiVirus ( Beta). 
Download the latest version.

  • New in version:
    1. NANO AntiVirus no longer uses their work with built-in components of MS Internet Explorer. This ensures a faster and more consistent operation of the user interface.
    2. Due to numerous requests of users added a new feature "Game Mode". When activated, NANO AntiVirus automatically switches to "silent" mode (ie at work does not display any notice from antivirus) when running full screen applications (watching videos, games). By default, the function works in auto-detection mode. You can change the setting in the "Settings" menu, and from the context menu notification area.
    3. Also at the request of users added the ability to automatically check removable media when they are connected to the PC. Function, you can change the settings in the "Settings" menu.
    4. The reports of the protection system (file and web protection) now displays the name of the process that accesses the infected file.
    5. In the work with quarantined objects in the tables added the ability to sort the data by the selected column.
    6. Improvements and bug fixes:
      1. Greatly reduced memory usage during the upgrade process. Now, the initial configuration of the computers even serious antivirus updates are virtually invisible to the user.
      2. Greatly enhance scanning mail traffic via POP3.
      3. Now the files are marked by the user as a false alarm, do not re-determined NANO Antivirus, no matter where they were located (formerly tagged files as they move could occur triggered again, creating an inconvenience for users.)
      4. Now, in the case of an error during the installation of NANO AntiVirus is asked to send an error message to the technical support.
      5. A large number of other improvements and bug fixes.

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