A quantum leap in 2012

Now society few people who are seriously interested in the question whether the so-called transition (Quantum Leap) or not. Most of it is not in any way interested, they consider all contrived and artificially inflated the media (TV and print). I think that the media themselves in the same and the "fault." The whole issue boils down to a discussion of the Mayan calendar, and supposedly nothing extraordinary in their opinion is not going to happen. Really serious scientific work in the media are not advertised, and not duplicated. And, as if all the information is open and there is no official ban, to tell the truth on the subject.

I propose to look at the informal opinion of Russian scientists on the upcoming changes in the world. What is found in the public domain. Why answer informal science, I do not know. But I have no reason to suspect these scientists (and this professor, doctor of science) of bias, either in their desire to become famous. Just society is not mature enough to discuss serious topics. But when these scientists are asking, they will tell you a lot of interesting things. Many scholars in this review indicate the date — Fall 2013. There are no channeling and dictations, only scientific approach to the question. Conclusions I think everyone will do it. So let's start our review.

excerpt from an interview with Igor Gubernatorova Astafiev B. A

Astafiev Boris:

MD, Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., professor, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Noosphere Academy of Science and Education, the New York Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Security, Defense and Law and the International Academy of Information Technology, Head. laboratory of the Moscow Medical Academy. IM Sechenov, Lomonosov Prize laureate.
The author of 12 books, two textbooks, more than 220 scientific papers on the creation of the World, World Organization of life systems as well as various aspects of cosmology, evolution, philosophy, ecology, sociology, catastrophe theory, parasitology, Pathomorphology and immunopathology, forensic science, history of science and etc.,
The genome of the World opened, dozens of the universal law of the World and created a scientifically based theory of genetic and unity of the world of energy. Gene.

(IG) — Boris, everyone is talking about the future of time pass away in the new era. How and when will it happen?
(BA) — We are on the eve of a quantum leap. Soon humanity will enter a new stage of development and will be living in a qualitatively different environment. This transition will begin, according to my calculations, at the end of October 2013. This is quite a difficult stage. Its severity will depend on, with what spiritual creativity to it fits humanity. What will happen no one can say, but in any case it will depend on the general state of humanity at this time.

(IG) — ready to move the human species?
(BA) — In general, the world is not very favorable background for the transition. …

(IG) — As far as chaos is inevitable in this period?
(BA) — Any quantum jump is accompanied by the appearance of chaos. It is the law of fractal systems. Our world is here on Earth, is a fractal system. Upon completion of a particular stage of development there is chaos in the system and a new structure is built. After the quantum leap is a small number of individuals from the old system: they will be as long as necessary for the development of the civilization in the new stage.
In the Earth's history have been quantum leaps. In their example, we see that in this period disappeared several species of living beings. At the same time, suddenly comes a new species. Creator already knows how and under what conditions certain kinds of living beings can live and develop, as similar systems already exist on other planets. The Creator has already identified the area of their existence and know how they will behave in the world, after its conversion to a different level. He brings these species during the quantum transition.
In the material world, it looks like one kind of very quickly turns into another type by changing the genetic code.

(NOTE SW, recall the recent case of Chupacabras in Ukraine, as if it was a fox, but it looks like a kangaroo). This may be due to the information carried by a neutrino. Neutrinos — it microparticles their stream runs through our universe. They easily penetrate the entire thickness of the Earth. Information via neutrino can instantly penetrate into the genetic structure of living things and change it.

(IG) — Man — a being with consciousness and free will. Can it affect the processes at the quantum leap?
(BA) — the Creator sends us a knowledge of the law. This helps a person to change the process of transition to a new state. In particular, my work, which I did with the others, changes the conditions for the passage of humanity through a quantum leap.

Knowledge of the law — it is a force that reduces the negative effect of the quantum transition. We're working to make it softer and it was able to overcome more people. To a quantum leap was successful for a man, it was necessary to open those laws create the education system that will make a person moral and able to make choices of life in the way of development.

(IG) — What is the nature of your discoveries?
(BA) — I was able to scientifically prove the existence of the Creator and discover the most general laws of nature.

Central Act — Act of Creation, including the principal formula in the life of the Universe — The base genome of the World. This is a general scientific foundation on which to base an understanding of the laws and other laws, their interdependence and mutual influence. As a result of these findings, it became possible to answer the many questions that were previously a mystery of nature.
I do science 51 years. My discoveries were made on the basis of all that has been created in the previous period of development of science and culture. Culture and religion to recreate the big picture of life and of the Earth. I was able to combine disparate knowledge sciences as a unified science of cosmic than our Earth. I as a representative of science, given the evidence base so fundamental processes that occur on Earth.

(IG) — You scientifically prove the existence of God?
(BA) — When people ask me if I believe in God, then I say, "I know what it is!"

(IG) — How to bring your findings to the practice of real life?
(BA) — First of all, it is necessary to know the laws. They can be found in my work. In particular, and in the future of my book "The Theory of the genetic unity of energy and the creation of the World." It was prepared for publication.
Knowledge of the law already gives a lot to the formation of man's behavior. Compliance with laws — is, above all, morality, but morality is founded in man, in every cell, every atom. Are acting against morality, therefore, reduces the life. In every atom of man and the universe there is the Spirit World. We are all under the control of God, no matter what we did, all it knows. According to our business and is the selection of people to go to the next level. In the hierarchy is selected, these people deserve to live in a new world, and those not. But these people as unworthy to overcome the transition can take my chances and start acting differently. To do this, open the laws and use them in your life, change your life, and they will be able to upgrade to the next level, overcoming the difficulties of quantum transition.

On the basis of my work and discoveries created a system noospheric education. This system developed Natella V. Maslov. This is the best education system in the world at the moment.

ASTAFYEV Boris opened the genome of the World (the formula of creation) — Law of the structural and functional organization of information and genetic unity and evolution of the World. Opened ontological law tiered asymmetrically-equilibrium self-developing system (Law Marxsen). Opened the Fundamental Laws of the World, the compression of the energy-mass-time, quadrupole-crystalline organization of the World and its entities; periodization evolution; sufficiency;-layered structure of complex quantum systems, Universal Laws of the World: The Law informatsiologichesky quantum neutrino evolution of energy, antigravity, etc. deciphered the nature of gravity.

Periodization law of evolution, which is based on the decoded value of the constant evolution of Ce = 0.417897328 …, as well as open space bodies vzaimodvizheniya formula can accurately calculate the cosmic cycles core rotation of the Sun, the galactic nucleus and the nucleus of the universe on its axis, the synodic and sidereal periods of the solar of the galactic orbit, the circulation of the Galaxy universe orbit lifetime of the Sun and the Earth. The accuracy of these calculations proved in large series empirical data recorded in human history.

A theory of creation of the World, based on the implementation of the algorithm evolutionary world, expressed by the constant evolution that came as part of the genome of the World and is based on recognition of the primary energy start Protomira (preceding evolutionary development of the World, which he called Protos). Genome opened Protos.

Developed the doctrine of the Universe recognizes information and genetic unity of the world and its hierarchical organization led by the Creator. For the first time on a scientific basis and thoroughly several times (in different ways, each of which has led to the same conclusion), we prove the divine origin of the world.

Genome (set of genes) — own genetic (hereditary) code of the body (of the system), which determines the uniqueness of its development and functioning. The genome of an organism (system) — the result of phylogeny, ie, the entire history of its evolution, from the parent "cell" of the cosmos. Deciphered genome of the primary base of the World Space, which has three components: the energy code, a single algorithm and program development systems. First "cell "Space, which began to operate in accordance with the gene called us vitamin particle. By now deciphered especially its structural and functional organization, the total number held in it is energy-ratio tvoryasche creative and stimulating energy at birth vitamin particles. Decrypted stages and features of World Space.

Supreme Hierarch of the World — the Creator — holds all the genetic complex (set) genes of all entities of the World, that is, the integral of Genome World.

Every system of the body of the world must work in harmony with all the rest. Disharmonious developing systems that have fallen abroad permissible deviations from the norm, that is becoming a hotbed of pathological single world body is removed by the immune system, according to the law of the negation of space and natural selection. This occurs directly at the nodal (quantum) control points (hierarchically higher) space systems or on the way to this point, ie, during periods of activation of negative energies. The destruction of not complying with laws in the world, harmonizing them with other world systems, it is at these points.
The set of messages received through various channels, indicate that our society is sick. This is shown by television and radio programs, articles in newspapers and magazines.

This is the state of our planetary civilization fix many nonfiction, social, economic, political, environmental, biomedical and other research. This is evidenced by numerous military conflicts, acts of terrorism, riot or mass of separate groups of people at rallies, meetings, meetings of the parliament prohibitive incidence of school students, teachers, and the ever-increasing levels of drug use, etc.
Humanity — the only creative population of wildlife on Earth, and it itself creates its own environment. Currently, this "creativity" has become extremely dangerous.

The nature of the Earth has lost the ability to recover naturally carbon-oxygen balance. The human race behaves in death and in many other ways: the creation of various types of weapons of mass destruction, the use of the atom for energy, uncontrolled creation of unnatural organisms through genetic engineering techniques, the massive deterioration of human gene pool, etc. For example, only in Russia, official data, drug use reached 350,000 tons per year. That's why with such intensity was Hamlet's question "To be or not to be?"

In terms of our comprehension (knowledge and implementation) of the universal law of the world was an absolute necessity. Now that open to the universal law of the World, published periodic system of the universal law of the World acute problem today is the implementation of these laws in people's minds. The absence of this condition can be compared with the worst global disaster, surpassing its consequences all the worst natural disasters. Will humanity make at least the first steps in this direction? After all, control — the quantum transition point of the two space spirals (Orion — in the winter of 2007 and the precession of the Earth spiral — in the fall of 2013) may be crucial in terms of a fundamental restructuring of Earth's biosphere. In this case, take the full force of the universal law of natural selection and space denial.

Natural selection process is already underway. On our planet, it is expressed in the struggle of the old and the new, between good and evil, of the past with the future. This manifests itself in a variety of conflicts between countries, consortia, financial-industrial complexes, systems of social organization, regions, nations, religions, businesses, individual citizens' groups, and so on can not stop the process. It is typical of the transition period, before the quantum leap into a new habitat. A new stage of its evolution, humanity must come up with a new outlook, focused on the universal law of the world, on the mutual respect of the people and restore the natural resources of our planet. There is no doubt that the Creator will save the planet, and that part of humanity that is able to participate in co-creation of new life in the world in a radically new context of the biosphere. Evil will end. Good win.

The author of the open-cycle core of the Sun, the synodic and sidereal periods of the solar system by a galactic orbit, the nucleus of the galaxy, the time of circulation of the Galaxy cosmic orbit, the nucleus of the universe, the cycle of Orion. In the vast ranks of the actual materials proved that the abovementioned space systems have a powerful influence on the development of natural "natural" disasters on Earth and in the solar system, the social processes. Hotspots powerful quantum effects of these systems occurred in the period of 2000-2007 .. In 2012-2013, a powerful influence on events on Earth will spiral precession of the Earth. So we, humans, like the solar system as a whole is undergoing a very critical period of the formation of the future of the biosphere and humanity. This certainly affects health human evolution as the most recently of the animal kingdom and the most vulnerable.

That is why the question of mastering the law of the world of humanity has acquired exceptional importance. It's time to "gather stones together." As the Bible says: "… Until heaven and earth disappear, not one iota or one tittle will not come from the law until all is accomplished" (Matthew 5: 18 "Sermon on the Mount"). This implies that the time of discovery of the encoded in base (fossil) Genome humanity Earth. Thus, the very opening of the laws of the world should be seen as an indication that humanity has come to an anchor point its evolution, radically changes his life on Earth.

World evolves from infinity to infinity in the past in the future, overcoming the quantum nodes evolution with the transition to the new (emergent) level. The individual development of each world system is based on the evolutionary path of the previous path of all previous "generations" of this particular system.
Anticipation of Einstein that "nature is the realization of the simplest mathematical elements," was accurate. Fulfill the dream of M. Born, "It would be ideal to summarize all the laws into a single law, the universal formula"! Another Nobel laureate I.R.Prigozhin in the afterword to the Russian edition of "Order out of Chaos" (1986) wrote: "It would be truly a miracle to open common foundation of all science." And they have become the genome and laws of the world, opened in Russia.

Base genome of the World (World Space Code) consists of three components: the energy code, a single algorithm and program development systems.

Laws need to be implemented in the practice of the World lives. This is the system noospheric education Acad. NV Maslova, she created over 10 years ago and widely tested in different regions of the country and abroad. It is a holistic system, prirodosoobraznost, health-education schools and higher education, it accelerates the assimilation of the subject in 3-4 and develop the spiritual, moral, creative and physical abilities of the individual.

Noosphere education — the only system of education, focused on the universal law of the World. It aims to raise self-thinking individual, the development of the creative potential inherent in individuals and their talent and high moral values. The introduction of this system in the broad practice of education will further reduce the negative effects of quantum transitions and saves all who master the new features holistic thinking …

Opening the genome of the World, we are able to recognize the full range of laws in the world. Defined set of laws in the world, reduced academic N.V.Maslovoy in periodic system of the universal law of the world.

Critical moment came

We must not repeat the fate of Atlantis, or destiny of the population of Phaeton — to destroy the planet, turned into the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

It's time to a fundamental restructuring of the organization of human life on Earth — in accordance with the Laws of the World.
We, humans, evolved from the space-based systems, but they are not from us. Obviously, not that we have created the sun, the stars, and they are us. They give us their energy. Creating us, they could not create something totally inappropriate to their essence. This already suggests that the world lives on one and the same law.

There is a World Constitution, based on the genome of the World. , Conform to all of the world system. It includes a universal law of the World and all other laws — General (society, comprehension), special and private.

We, the people, are somewhat late with the knowledge and the law of the world far behind in their implementation. This is due to the fact that until the scientific community has not yet reached that are open to the universal law of the world.
Until scientists have not yet realized that it is time to stop the competition between them. We're not at the stadium or on the sports skiing.

It's time to get down to business.
Necessary to implement the knowledge of the general laws of Peace everywhere, starting from school to quickly refocus on their humanity in its quest for development and deeply misguided attempt to transform human nature.

This fact is of exceptional importance, as if the whole world lives by one law, and that mankind should live in accordance with them. Otherwise it will be insolvent in a single outer body, and, like a cancer cell, the world will be destroyed immune system.

Source: Works Astafieva BA

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