About 2012, the Great Transition, Quantum Leap

This will be a frank discussion. The first step in any truly open conversation is your real willingness to put aside his disbelief as to what you will hear. And you will be asked to do it here. Please temporarily give up the old attitudes and beliefs that you have about God and life. You can go back to his old beliefs at any given time.

Here from you does not want to abandon them forever — no, just put them aside for a short time in order to afford to stay open to the possibility that maybe there is something you do not know, and knowing this will change everything.

Dear Human Being, you have a free choice, and along with all the means at your liberties, you have the freedom to take your life knowledge presented here, to take his life and love out of here other than come here.

Dear essence, you're met with a secret, and you feel that this is a very significant event. And so it is. Again you listen to your intuition, and it has helped you again. Joy overwhelms us (the essence of light) of the opportunities that open up to you. We are here today to say to you with love:

As we approach the December (21-23 total) in 2012, the average person would seem that is the end of the Light. Indeed, in 2012 will be the end times, and will begin a whole new existence for the land and the people of this planet. But the transition will not be in the form of the Flood or the next Ice Age. You are safe, mankind will perish.

At this time there will be quantum leap and start The Great Shift of Humanity in the sixth race and another dimension. This change, which will affect everyone and everything: people, the Earth, the galaxy and the universe.

Finally, over eons of time, the world will come to Earth. People will take place today, those who took high vibrations. Your human nature is completely changed. The new humanity will not have all the features based on fear, such as anger, greed, ignorance, and others will be only the boundless love and kindness to all living things and to our planet. People remember who he is and why he had come to this world. Remember the enormous potential inherent in it. Recall of telepathy, clairvoyance, healing, and more. The new man will have a longer life. Will take guests from other solar systems and himself to travel the galaxy.

Feel the wind, he is here, he wants to help you: to show the direction a lot to tell. This is a new energy, a unique opportunity for people who are open and we are just waiting for their use. This is a time of preparation for the transition. This process has entered its final phase in 1987, and gradually approaches its peak, as the transition to its main features. We all do (our higher selves) have allowed to happen to this great event.

Most likely you will object and say, "But for the period between 1987 and this year all the way around the world is just getting worse". Indeed, in part you are right. Now go up to the surface all the problems that we have to put aside and accumulated for a long time, we, all the people of the planet Earth and individually.

These problems have come to light thanks to the increasing power of the Light Top, thanks winds, which tore off our clothes, shook out everything we hid underneath from themselves and others, is that we are there kept to themselves, we could see the whole incongruity of these heavy , bulky, inharmonious, nizkovibratsionnyh things unnecessary to us actually, they only aggravate, pressed to the ground, preventing relax, be yourself, enjoy life and to seek the light. These things appear to us again, it happens in some other form, so that we understand their uselessness, and sent away. The Forces of Light and Wind help you in this, and we often take it as another stroke of fate. Do not hold on to the old, for the low vibration of fear, let them go.

What is happening today, it can still be the last snowstorm of winter, which refuses to go away, which does not want to accept and give way to Spring, the time of warmth and love. But as it is not a blizzard raged, spring will come into its own, the time has come, and the warming will occur. And all the fear melt away as the snows are already unable to exist under the bright rays of the sun and warm winds.

Do not let fear live in you, because it will prevent you from growing to light and alienate you from him. This will create within you resist the light, because of which, with increasing intensity, tension will grow in you (this even says Ohm's law U = IR, the voltage is multiplied by the current strength of the resistance).

You can remove the stress in itself, weakening the resistance of the power of love to zero. Remove the fear and resistance to be a light, become the wind, and you'll experience the extraordinary ease and joy in life, everything will turn out good luck and finally will be on your side. Then, if your choice is to understand the essence and meaning of what is happening, your going to significantly increase the Top, and you yourself will be able to help many.

From 1987 to 2012, can be called a time of purification of fear and change to the light. This is the time to think about all you do as you want. Or you are not satisfied, you have a concern.

It is time to let it go away, not only in this life, but to do so in the past life (you are much more complicated arranged than you think, all your previous experience is the cause of your current life, make no mistake, everyone has a baggage of experience before what you have chosen to be the person who you are now, this knowledge is hidden deep inside, and you could not be a man, not forgetting all that's a feature accelerated learning system called Earth, believe in all of this there is a deeper meaning, and once you understand it, you are going his way, and your way is the same as the desires of the soul, so you're here now, just trying to remember, and some have resorted to hypnosis by therapists to remember his past, and there are professionals who are able to unravel the mysteries of the past your many incarnations and this is one way to improve your experience in this life, as many have a deep trauma of the past on a subconscious level, which continue to unconsciously influence us in this life).

This will help the adoption of simple, well-known truths about which much has been said already, but it will be said again and again in a more understandable form, it simple and affordable. You can call them corny, but then I want to ask you why you do not act in their lives based on them? They will be presented with humanity from different angles over and over again until we understand and apply them to your life. Just try to see the world from pozizitsii eternal truths, deep mudosti, the highest human qualities, and you will change forever. You will learn what love and happiness, you will be able to feel them more often and more fully. You will make a huge step to the status of graduates, the school called Earth.

This is indicated by a warm ray of light vertices of this whispering wind. Please listen to those who hear them, they want to tell you a lot, they know how to open an eye as to include consciousness is seen and the shortest way to reach the top, they want to help, they call you. You can hear them.

Which means another dimension?

— At least that means the fourth dimension?

— You do not know? Then I'll surprise you. You, everyone goes there every day!

Often? It can not be! I do not remember anything that could have happened to me, and one of the people probably would have noticed it for a long time, and it would be described in textbooks and became known to all! And it would be quite logical and appropriate remark. But things are not always the case as it seems my friends. Patience and you'll understand.

There have always been considerate people who have more experience, wisdom, knowledge. They noticed and talked about it, but when the company solves the problem of survival in the physical world, it was not up to them. Now is the best time to again remind you that you are not only the body, survival is not the only problem that stands in front of you, otherwise people would not differ so much from animals. Evolution has never been stopped. The evolution continues. (I would like to ask you a question, what qualities, properties reached the evolution of man and where to go from here? Think please, this is a very important question.)

You are not only the physical body, you are much more than that. Body — this is temporary restriction of expression of your being that you voluntarily to yourself to get some experience. You never knew how much you are majestic and huge. The physical body and the world of the third dimension is very limiting your potential.

Your being in this form are not very comfortable. Therefore, continuous confinement of free consciousness in a shell (and, in addition to extreme conditions) — a serious test. Serious challenge and a unique experience, which is respect for you, for the determination and courage of your being. But the continuous stay in the physical body is very difficult, even unbearable and impossible. Answer another question: without which, besides the conditions necessary for survival (water, food, favorable environmental conditions) can not live person?

— Without sleep.

Science can not yet be answered — what is it (for now, scientists record the only state of the brain during sleep). During sleep, while the body is resting, you (your mind, which is you) get out of the body. And this is another dimension. Wake-up you do not remember anything, or just the last moments of your work in another dimension, which quickly fade from memory, as is the world of the third dimension (he, or rather our bodies are designed so that you can start from scratch, scratch, and to nor infinite possibilities, no vast experience and knowledge base of our being from another dimension, do not stop getting that experience, what we want. Such are the rules to which we voluntarily agreed.

But you play the game more interesting than without them. As you gain experience in the game is a way, the evolution of consciousness, stages of maturation from infancy to old age, from the challenge of surviving the experience of the sublime, from the illusion of separation to a much greater understanding of ourselves as part of the whole. Only sometimes, in exceptional cases, in particular the important and decisive moments of the game, the rules can be broken by those who created this game can come entity without restrictions. It has already happened in the history of the Earth, and it is repeated. Today we are living in a crucial moment.)

What you do in a dream — your reality. The memory of what happened in the dream stays with you forever, but when you are in a physical body, trigger restrictions and is not appropriate for you to experience blocking. By blocked information is difficult to access, but perhaps through training, certain techniques, hypnosis. If what you are doing is important to you in a dream to know to successfully get experience, meet its goals in the incarnation, that often you immediately after waking may remember the dream, and recall it during the day or in special circumstances in life.

Have you paid attention to what happens to you in a dream, what you can do there?

It may seem that there is complete chaos, or vice versa, emptiness. And in the first and in the second case it will be your real experience there. And in the first and in the second case, you're right. Just you have reflected, to project itself into another dimension. I will explain.

In the dream, no time, no distance, but there is a consciousness of the entity, which together are creating. Create a thought and then, instantly experience the result of their thinking (for example, if you think about a person or place, you can instantly move there or him / her). In this case, you experience a deeper, more vivid, more fully experience the emotion of what is happening to you, because the world of dreams can be called the fourth dimension or the astral plane, where we know the emotional sphere (to learn more about the measure). Emotions entities appear incomparable to Earth (even given the fact that the Earth is very emotion expressed) clearly and in a wider range.

Now look at yourself critically. Admit that sometimes you have a mess in my head, in the feelings of chaos and chaos in his mind (if this were not the case, you were not here.) Think about what would happen if inharmonious consciousness, this mess instantly move into the fourth dimension where thought determines your reality, and emotion, even deeper? Agree, not the best experience. Of this mess we have on the physical plane.

That's why we're here first learn to survive (but there are always those who teach us human quality, without this we would not have survived), and if we can survive and not destroy ourselves, we will continue the development of humanity, with time to learn self-control and finally foothold in the creative ways provleniya wisdom and love, as the best and the only way for the survival and development / evolution for everyone and for society as a whole, that's when it's time and the time of great achievements of enlightened people, masters of their own lives, then humanity will be ready to fully complete his evolution on planet Earth and move on …

You decide to continue the evolution of the knowledge or the same as before (just remember what it almost led mankind, or may, if all of a sudden for yourself you will be in the fourth dimension).

This is really going to happen?

Expand your mind and embrace a whole planet, all the countries, peoples, and each individual. I know that you have little information on these changes, but remember that you have seen and heard, observed global change on Earth, the planet and society. Think about it, do you feel yourself that something is changing, accelerating? Remember, feel, analyze information, and you will realize that changes every year is increasing (eg, global climate change). Mother Earth is changing and we are asked to change, to realize itself as quickly as possible and act only on the basis of love and kindness.

Many feel an inexplicable craving for spiritual and begin to wake up from sleep. And planetary changes, and changes in society are closely related. And they will grow. We can reduce the destructive changes in the world and in society that arise because of the fear in people choosing to love yourself.

There are scientific observations and research on this rapidly changing today, and one conclusion — we need to think about how we live on our goals and ideals, we must change as the transition is a reality, not a fairy tale.

It is especially difficult to argue with the astronomical, mathematical and geological studies that have determined the date of change of cycles in Earth's past, and confirmed a very special time in which we live today.

I do not want to scare you this event and do not demand anything from you. I just told the truth. Like any true, this truth can wake you up. Some people do not like to be awakened. Many. Most prefer to sleep. Therefore, the world was in its current state.

Why is this happening?

You know, it's hard to believe that could all change, it's hard to believe that centuries walking around the top one day we will be able to see it and even get there. But this will happen as nearing completion cosmic cycles, the seasons, and where it was winter comes spring.

Today, the situation is particularly unique:

End of an era and the beginning of the Piscean age of Aquarius (approximately 2,160 years);
Precessional alignment, or the Great Cycle (alignment of the Earth and of quasars near the Central Sun, the Earth's passage through the powerful balanced energy), while the end of the cycle of the 12 signs of the zodiac, as well as the end of a cycle of "Earth-Sun-Pleiades" — lasted about 25,920 years;
The end of the three main cycles (25000-26000 years) 75000-76000 at the end of which there is a planetary transition (the Earth and all who inhabit it moves along with the planet in a different density);
Galactic shift occurs every 108 million years (half of one revolution around the Central Sun) — the radiation from the Great Central Sun of each galaxy, which washes rotating stars and solar systems of high frequency burst of radiation at regular intervals during each rotation of the galaxy. In the Milky Way, this shift occurs approximately every 108 million years for the stars and solar systems located in the arm of the galaxy in which the Earth. Each time the Earth and its neighboring stars and planets pass through the beam of light, and the dominant vibration of atomic structures on the stars and the planets shifted to the next level of density through a process known under various names, including the occurrence of the "photon belt", "Stargate" or "portal".
Pleiades System, which includes this solar ring, located at the end of stay in orbit around the galactic center of about 230000000;
The entire galaxy is at the end point is infinitely longer orbit around the Great Central Sun;
Annanutak comets pass through the solar system;
Pass the 12th planet (Planet X) Nelda (Nibiru) planet changes through the solar system (every 3600 years).

It will happen. As well as for winter, summer comes navigated these cycles. Today the spiritual winter ever delayed, not wanting to let go and love and warmth of Spring. We all too long, "freezing", were in a trance, as in the spiritual "dormant." For so long that even many may seem like winter will never end.

We have for many generations exist in a harsh winter and almost forgotten how to live differently. I understand you, it's hard to believe that this will ever end, but it is. Your not wanting to admit it can not change the reality of the situation as well as the influence of the seasons. The first warm rays of the sun have their way to Earth. Soon they will be impossible to miss, they each gently warmed, bringing joy to your heart. Dramatic warming is about to happen and there will come a spiritual spring, the season of love!

Change of eras — an event that happened and will happen in the universe, but not always the essence of living in the world choose to use it to grow. So today we are standing on the threshold of a lift to the top, and you can choose to take a step and go to the cabin. This choice, sooner or later you have to do. Because of the coincidence of a large number of cycles is a unique event for the universe. Changes the entire universe and planet Earth as a part of it. This is a unique opportunity for all people — to make a giant leap in its development.

Author: Andrew

Category: Quantum transition, ascension

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