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NARADA: the ascension and the transition of people the first wave, which will begin on December 12 and will last up to 19 — 21 December 2012.

On the Internet you can find a lot of information about the Ascension and transition. This article from the teachers and the Light, and the message from the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation. I also want to put a contribution in clarifying the Rapture and the transition sum up what has been given to the last message from the month of October, but I still start with the November Epistles, of which it is known that Ascension we begin from December 12 and it will take part in only Lightworkers,
to set an example to show the people of the Ascension, which will be offering up the later — on December 19, that it represents.

The fact is that ignorance of the Ascension process creates fear, and this low-frequency vibration, for which the person comes from Dark Energy, and from it is getting rid of the Soul, as well as the planet itself, and unusual weather in the world and the number of natural disasters have noticed it. These low vibration dark energy include sins, vices, emotions, passions and habits, as well as negative thoughts, intentions, actions, and the actions themselves detrimental to people like the man himself, and the people around him — almost all sick.

Dark energy — it's all negative and habitual, and therefore not visible to the person. For it is all that, what he is used to living apart is a way of life on Earth, because that live all around him since childhood. Before — it was indeed the case, but now everything is already different. Now that's changing. Change of thought, communication, and human life in particular.

Therefore, it is Now dark energy — is a luxury for those people who were offered up, because with its emission rights just simply sealed to the severity of the planet of energy, and is no longer able to ascend in the first wave — up to 21 December.
It was on this date in our planet's planned final stage of the Renaissance with the change of the world map, so at this point in the world should not remain a single person, for it will shake off all my old clothes — physical and energetic and put on new .. .

What is the Ascension, which is expected on December 12?

At Ascension, and the man suddenly not noticeable to myself and to others disappear from our plane of existence — of our world and the people living in 3 and 4 dimensions will not be able to see and hear those who have already taken up, because they will be in a higher frequency range of high vibrations that are not available to our normal vision and hearing, because the people are subject to the limitations of these measurements.
This, as a whistle for the dogs, the sound of which is not captured by the human ear, but it perfectly hear all the animals. The truth of those people who have spiritual eyes and ears can not only see, but also contact with the Ascended because no obstacles for Spirituality.

In fact Ascended people will be with us, but the level of radiation on their bodies is so high that we simply will not be able to visually detect, to identify, until we go to 5 Measurement and expand their perception of sound, color and light.
That is how the Lightworkers will disappear from our plane of existence, and on the 5 Measurement and they go there will be in the physical body, which is already rebuilt on new frequencies of the New World this Earth for transmutation of bodies has been completed.

After his ascension, they split into two groups where one group will remain on the other side of the portal to meet the people who will be offering up the later — on December 19, and the second group will pass through the portals into our World 3 and 4 dimensions to be a conductor for those people who will be commemorated in the past 3 Days of Darkness of Night, and more recently they have become 2.5 Twilight of Days before December 21 — from 19 to 21 December. It was during these 3 days will magnify themselves and transition to new worlds rest of humanity on our planet.

What will happen in the world and the people in the last 2.5 days before Twilight, December 21 — from 19 to 21 December?

Those people who will ascend will do so in the physical body, or through death, but here it is decided how the issue of human soul. Those people who have a spiritual vision can see the Light Portals, well, those people who have no spiritual sight, they fail to portals Conductors of the Lightworkers who have lifted up before, and then hold people to the New World 5 measurement, which is already on the planet after 21 December 2012. But in any case Portals themselves dragged those people Vibrating codes which correspond to the portal and Peace five measurements, and the key to the portal of the Ascension, each received 14 November, with a solar eclipse. It is located in the heart chakra.

People ascending First Wave 2.5 days in those Twilight may be conscious and aware of what is going on around them and with them, but most people would be tantamount to an unconscious coma, so they just dragged portals that will take them to the five measurement . It is natural that they wake up from a dream in the New World has five measurements — on Maldene.

NOT ascended people will undoubtedly be in a state of unconsciousness of sleep, and most of these people on our planet. They will be moved to other worlds of their own choice in the reality of life, which for them would be the most desirable.

ALL the people of our planet will make a transition into their worlds to 21 December 2012, because the world must not remain a single person, when our planet will begin its revival in the new reality of five measurements. These new worlds, where people go to be:

Two Worlds 4 Measurements

— Dubbing is our world that has created Surya — the Creator and Supreme Goddess Level 2, which is in charge of our solar system. These new worlds were created by it in the summer of 2012 in other dimensions of our solar system, so they will be an exact copy of it. Material objects and things with our World, which radiated from the dark energy itself and wore a low vibrations were not duplicated in these worlds.

Other Worlds Universe
, from which came 13,000 years ago, the Soul to participate in Experiment Duality. The experiment is over and they have to return back to his home and taking with him all his experience that they have gained here on earth living in duality. These people will be moved to the ships that came to them from their worlds, and await the designated X hours — from 12 to 21 December in our near space to take these people to their home planet.

Worlds 3 dimensions
Shower for those who were unable to complete their life lessons and gain the necessary experience to them, so they will be born in these worlds for another test.

All these worlds have their own vibrational codes that correspond to the portal and to the people who will live there in the future. So, no one can ignore its Portal or fall into the world that he chose for his future development and life in the near future, after the jump. And even more, the physical body is not ascended people have passed the first stage of transmutation, which will be sufficient for their life in this new world, but the final change in the physical body will only be completed in the second generation to be born in their children in the New World, where they will live after 21 December 2012.

The transition to the new worlds are not ascended the world's population, will be followed by the purification of low-frequency memories for our planet, so waking up from sleep in the new world people will remember the life on Earth, as we remember a dream, good or bad. They will not remember Earth, our world, our way of life here, my family and friends who live here next to them, even though their family and friends can be in the same worlds, where they were moved.

People like to be remembered only the world in which they wake up after the transition, as well as those who surround them at the moment of awakening, so the New World, where they will be after the transition, as it is known and familiar to them, but they it seems to look with new eyes. Even a little thing like time or calendar at first glance they may seem new, it will be so in fact, and then will be familiar. Only ascended in the first wave will retain their memory of past life on Earth, but the memories will be like a dream that will eventually be forgotten.

Further Ascension people second and third waves will pass since the world's new four measurements that are created Surya in other dimensions of our solar system, because they are dubbing our planet and our world. Those people who go to the other worlds of the universe, from where they arrived 13,000 years ago, through the process of Ascension will not be.

In consequence of that Ascension people second and third waves will pass through calendar time of the World 4th dimension where they will be after December 21, 2012, and individually Plan Ascension of each of these two new worlds. And this despite the fact that the term of the Assumption of the Second and Third Wave was already given in the Letters to our calendar time. There were also earlier given a deadline of the First Wave of the Ascension, which ends outside the specified date December 21, for the awakened after going into their new worlds four measurements can ascend and after the First Crusade waves, but not our land, and with their new world .

The transition to the two New World 4 measurements and other worlds of our universe will be realized in two ways: in the physical body through death to the subsequent birth in a particular world, where people will live after the transition, and it will depend on how many people will possessed by the dark energy.

If he can clean up on them before the date of transition — 2.5 days before the start of Twilight, but this time up to December 19, 2012, he can go to the New World a vibrational level in the physical body, and if not, then it is moved back will pass through the death of his birth is already in the New World, which he chose for himself.

In the three worlds Measurements people clearly get only through death, because his body will be destroyed at the time of entry in our solar system and the planets in the Galactic center Ray December 21, 2012.

Terms of Ascension and Transition inexorably approaching, so time for purification of low-frequency vibration of the planet and people have less and less, but the chances of dissolution of dark energy in the light of high vibrations that come to Earth from many sources: from our sun — from Surya , with the center of our galaxy from the Pleiades Star Alcyone — PervoOttsa of Ra, the Creator and Supreme God, Level 1, and we have already entered the galactic beam from November 14, with the center of a nearby galaxy of Orion star Betelgeuse, as well as from a variety of open-5 Measurement Portals .

The increase in light of the planet and humans may be associated with very painful for them, and may even lead to death in humans and some natural disasters in the world. Such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, volcanic activity and unusual weather in the world, and this is not seen is not possible. All of this comes from the fact that the gap between light and darkness inside the man or the planet is too large, which leads to too much stress, with which the body can not cope.

Dark energy on the planet appear on the lifestyle of people there, and from the very negative: thoughts, intentions, actions and deeds, which produces the person living the evils of sin, out of habit, and the habits. That's what catches people out of their way not to lose that little world he has created for himself, and that he is crumbling right before our eyes, for life on Earth began to change and move to the next level of development is close to what will be people in the new world after the Ascension and transition, and it will be very soon — in a month. So I sincerely hope that all of the remaining time before the long-awaited X hours, every person will for the benefit of themselves and their souls to communion with her and being in the physical body to ascend to 5 Measurement World Malden or make the transition to New Worlds of the reality in which everyone would like to live in the near future — after 21 December 2012.

Good luck to all of the Ascension and the Transition into their dream worlds.
With love to you all, Narada Rinpoche.
November 21, 2012.

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