Absolute insomnia — they did not sleep the whole life!

On our planet there are a lot of amazing people who are what others can not do. Sometimes it's a gift for them, and sometimes a curse. Absolute insomnia (Chronic kolestit) is very rare, and how it relates to, for me personally, is unclear. Al Harpin — a man who lived 90 years absolutely never slept!

Absolute doctor called chronic insomnia kolestitom. This disease is uncommon, being a challenge to all medical law, as it is obvious that it can not be the man who never sleeps. Life without sleep — a hell of a meal. At least, so say the survivors of this on my experience, people. Surprisingly, in our world there are individual, for which there is not a problem the lack of sleep. Even if they wanted to they did not get to sleep.

Anomalies of this type periodically speak to the press. In particular, F.Edvards had amassed a collection of such phenomena — the stories of real people who never sleep. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the information in a concise form.

In 1940 1950gg. Edwards said in New Jersey resided outlandish grandpa, who was called Al Harpin.

Harpin was about ninety years old, the house represented his hut made of roofing sheets. Here there are many such houses, inhabited by the poor beggars. However hut Ala different from the rest. It absolutely does not present any bedding. And all because Al Harpin for his considerable history had never slept.

Check it a lot of doctors, but to no avail — the results of studies seemed impossible. This man is not really asleep, but that does not make death, what must have been the case (with the medical point of view). Reaching a state of eternal wakefulness to deep gray hairs, Al has gone through a lot of doctors who have tested it. And all these people have done in his sleep a third of his life. As for intelligence Harpin, he does not particularly stood out was not stupid and are not smarter than the average person. Health has never failed him, he was fed regularly. Al was fully able-bodied person.

Sure, Al, just like any other person felt tiredness after hard work, but instead of sleep was enough for him to sit with an interesting book in a rocking chair. After a while, he was again full of energy.

And let skilled professionals were unable to find a clear explanation of this crazy disease itself Al taken on faith of his mother, who once upon a time said that the culprit is an accident, when shortly before the birth she hit her hard.

There are other similar stories. In those who had abnormal insomnia was D.Dzhons. The following note was published in the newspapers 12/11/1895: "D.Dzhons caused special interest to many doctors, because several years ago, he had no sleep for more than 90 days, and a year — 131 days, he is currently experiencing another wave of insomnia. According to Jones, at this time, he will not sleep even longer. 20 days ago, this man began round the clock supervision, for 20 days, he does not sleep. In its daily activities the lack of sleep did not affect in any way. Complaints of discomfort and Jones did not notice exactly how not to notice them in previous influxes of insomnia. He feels that he is now forever give up from their sleep, and apparently it is not afraid of anything. Jones has no idea what was happening to him, but he drew attention to the fact that in his youth a lot of smoke. "

Edwards explains the above story: "Unable to find a clue to what is happening with this man — a simple American farmer — the doctors decided to leave it alone."

In addition, there is news of a poor Hungarian housewife. At the beginning of the day Rachel was awakened by a wild headache that will not subside. The girl went to the doctor. He determined that the cause of ailments lies in excessive amounts of sleep and recommended reducing his time. Maybe it's silly, but the doctor did not seem wrong with the diagnosis. Most of his life Rachel did not sleep. 25 years, she never for a moment did not go to sleep. At the same time passed and headache that started it all.

Another story that gets into the hands of journalists, there was an old Spaniard V.Medinoy.

He came to Madrid at dawn 29/11/1960. Medina has traveled more than 200 kilometers from the South of Castile in exactly four days. He made a break on the side of the road only when the legs are quite ceased to listen to him.

Why this man decided on such a difficult journey? Medina went to Madrid, hoping to find out, unable to whether the local specialists to heal him from prolonged insomnia. Unfortunately, no one was able to help the poor thing. Medina had not slept since birth, once it has tried to heal, though unsuccessfully.

After long for his examination at the Madrid hospital, experts agreed on the opinion that in fact this person is just not able to sleep. They touched on before straightforwardness and poverty poor guy, he paid his way home by train: the first such trip in his life.

In a conversation with reporters Medina said the following:
"I am working for wear, but never in my life did not feel tired. I am not able to write, though, and really want to become literate. I would also like to learn to read a little bit, to have something to deal with sleepless nights. Since I can remember, I was sitting at night in the kitchen by the stove waiting for the dawn. "

Specialists diagnose Medina, sent him home, giving a powerful sedative and hoping that it will work and the sufferer first time in many years, get some sleep. Some time later, in Madrid received a message from a local doctor Medina, where he expressed great gratitude for his strange patient care and support. In the letter, he said that Medina did not drink a sedative because of it started to go numb legs, as if they fell asleep. Medina himself while feeling refreshed.

Another similar episode. In the summer of 1961 the Englishman knocked Yu.Barnettu 81. Barnett had his own farm and was a very ordinary man, except for the fact that he never slept. One day he just lost the need to sleep. Then Barnett was still young. Now he spends every night in the company of books and radio. Other inhabitants of the house at this time of snoring soundly. Which only specialists do not come here to personally observe the man who never sleeps. And in the end they claimed that he is completely healthy.

Of course, the doctors wanted to force him to go to sleep, but it turned out to be a waste of time. It did not take any sleeping pills are the best, or even hypnosis.



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