Academician Dudyshev of imminent apocalypse

Academician Dudysheva prophecy of the imminent end of the world its causes, symptoms and ways to the survival of civilization
Natural geomagnetic machine cold planet suspend its work

Russian scientist VD Dudyshev long been studying the natural phenomena of the planet and a unified theory of the theory of natural phenomena. A particular case of this theory is its modern theory of the Apocalypse, which is bound to come, as the inversion of the geomagnetic field. The growing number of powerful earthquakes (Haiti, Japan) with the growth of the inversion (coup) of the geomagnetic field of the Earth, and global climate change, flora and fauna of the planet over the past few years in line with the conclusions of the Unified Theory of nature. One of the main conclusions arising from this theory is the inevitability of the Flood and the Apocalypse in the coming years.

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