Air traffic to Chukotka suspended on Monday because of a snowstorm

Airport of the capital of Chukotka on Monday closed due to high winds and snow, all domestic flights canceled, and the plane, en route from Moscow to Anadyr redirected to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, told RIA Novosti the airport.

On Monday in Anadyr noted strong snowstorm, wind west 16-18 meters per second, gusts up to 23 meters per second at an air temperature of 19-22 degrees Celsius.

"On Monday, because of the strong winds and storms that caused the lack of visibility at the airport" Anadyr ", Moscow flight airline" Transaero "was redirected to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Airport closed, flights canceled by the settlement of intra-Bering, sat Meynypilgyno, Khatyrka, Ust -White, snowy, red, and Kanchalan Markov "- said the airport" Anadyr ".

According to him, the information on all of these flights will be given on Tuesday after 9:30 am local time.

As reported in the City Hall of Chukotka, the weather conditions in Anadyr is the third time since the end of the Christmas holidays canceled classes in urban schools (on Thursday and Friday training was also canceled due to severe snowstorms and limits visibility.)

Rescuers Chukotka residents Anadyr also recommended not to leave the city limits and do not go on the ice Anadyr.

According to meteorologists, on Tuesday in most of the snow is expected Chukotka. Wind west, north-west of 5-10 meters per second with amplifications of 15-20 meters per second, on the coast of the Chukchi and Bering seas, including Anadyr area, wind gusts may reach 22-27 meters per second. Temperature — 18-23 degrees below zero, with clearings — 28-33 degrees at night in the west region — 35-40 degrees, on the east coast — 8-13 degrees.

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