Aleister Crowley — practicing black magic


Aleister Crowley — The mystical figure of the XX century, occult studies which led to the consternation of others. He despised everyone and everything, it Thelema, based on the obtained over many years of wandering denied any religion other than the one that he preached. Religion corruption, murder and hatred and belief in Satan …

"I do not need your approval and false praise. To hell with all religions: Christianity, Buddhism, rationalism! I wish the violence, lust, murder — and I do not care what you think it is bad. I want to be all-powerful! "
So Crowley spoke in his books and this is taught his followers.

Aleister Crowley was born in 1875 in the family members of the sect "Plymouth Brethren." Here we study the Bible daily, while his father was still alive. After the death of Alistair tried to distance themselves as far away from Christianity. He was doing what he wanted, because of what was nicknamed "The Beast 666" from his mother.

His rebellion continued to grow and at the university. This was facilitated by a solid legacy that he bequeathed to his father.

In 1896, after completing his studies, he plunged into the study of the practice of black magic, the occult and mysticism.

In early 1900, he embarks on a journey whose purpose was the knowledge of himself and the study of different religions on the basis of which Alistair was going to create his own, a new doctrine that would ravaged the world. India, Tibet, China, Egypt, Italy where he had just been.

I note that he did it.

He organized the order of "Silver Star", as well as creating the "Code of the holy books of Thelema", on the basis of which teaches its followers.

In 1923, Crowley and his students expelled from Italy by Mussolini's personal orders. The reason was this: the sacrifice of animals and people, incredible sex orgies, playing with black magic and lots more. In Britain it is recognized as "the most evil man in the world"

For the same reason, he was expelled from France in a few years.

Throughout his adult life, he writes poetry and books of an occult nature. The most famous of which is "The Book of Thoth".

This man can tell a great deal. Who will be interested in this dark personality can find information on the net. Let me just say that he arrogated to himself the appearance of the Loch Ness monster, which, as he said himself appeared as a result of its practice in the field of magic in his house on the banks of Loch Ness lake.

The interesting thing is that many famous people, after his death followed his teachings. For example, one of the Beatles albums containing photographs Crowley, including many well-known personalities. A look at the world the same way and snagged Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. Marilyn Manson — the main satanist show business is an ardent fan of this mysterious black magic, which has been repeatedly acknowledged in interviews.

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The purpose of this article is to familiarize with another man, firmly believes in his ideas, but does not propaganda Satanism.

All good!


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