Alexander Scriabin. Composer, mystic, visionary and charmer music

I often write about people whose lives and work are shrouded in mysticism and mystery, an amazing gift, and most are foreigners. I think that today it is worth adding the story of the brilliant Russian composer who created his works with images of light, emerging as a puzzle in his head into the enchanting music. This Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin and he was prophet, genius, and possibly an emissary of other worlds.

Almost no one knows, but the idea is to combine music with light belongs to Scriabin. His famous "Poem of Fire", written not only for choir, piano, orchestra and organ, but also for the special keyboard with the help of which was to control the light part of the performance, complementing the main theme. Unfortunately, during the life of Alexander II (1872-1915 years) was his idea can not be implemented purely for technical reasons. Moreover, "The Poem of Fire" and has not been executed as conceived by its author so far.

Despite the failure of doomsday, the composer was working on a single image of music, smells, dance, and transformed into a visible embodiment of a magical symphony. Related sometimes do not understand Scriabin, considering it an alien from another world, or the world, as the notes of his works went to the most unimaginable way, sometimes creating a composition readily understood by him alone.

Alexander almost delirious idea of the performance of "fine music of the spheres" in India, where, according to his idea had to create a special temple, with fluid architecture that can accommodate all the inhabitants of a planet that would become members of the grand view. The aim of this ambitious project was to be the release of the earth from the gross matter and come to a common light consciousness. What exactly would make the composer — is a mystery.

About himself the composer said to be a descendant of shamans who have secret knowledge of spells with music, which owned the ancients: the Atlanteans, Lemurians … His friend: the poet Balmont noticed that when I played Scriabin, Hall was filled with magic and mysticism, immersing listeners in the state of trance music. In addition to the talent of the composer Alexander had in truth free playing the piano. Many participants acknowledged that coming to the concert were at the mercy of a virtuoso musician, while getting a lot of positive emotions and relaxation. His playing technique can not be carried out until now.

Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin often predicted their friends and acquaintances future. What has happened is not in a dark room on the Tarot cards, or a crystal ball, but just on the street, walking on a sunny day with him. He loved the sun and could not look at it without sunglasses or special devices even without blinking for a long time, and then went on to read, or write your next masterpiece.

Scriabin like to talk about the lost knowledge of the astral civilizations and unprecedented technology available to the ancients, more than once confounded the audience. Once he shared with friends that he saw in the future, and his voice was not gay, "Coming terrible trials for humanity. The age of machinery, electricity and fully wealth. Mysticism and Spirituality virtually disappear "

Composer and musician knew when to die. He signed a contract for renting the apartment for exactly 3 years. When asked landlady, why not open-ended, he replied:
— After 3 years, I will not live here …
— Yes, Where are you going then? — Asked the woman.
— I'm going … to India. — Alexander replied sadly.
Indeed, exactly 3 years later, April 14, 1915, he died.


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