Alexei Yevtushenko — Ghost Hunter

Alexei Yevtushenko — paranormal investigator, an expert on the world of ghosts and ghost hunter! Bring to your attention an interesting interview with the man. Will not be bored

A small note:
Alexei Yevtushenko — and partly esoteric psychologist and study appeared in the house of an otherworldly force — his job. Alexey works for free, as charging for such services would be to simply do business. As a practical investigator of the paranormal, he has been working for more than a year. Alexei has a blog and has left a lot of experience dealing with people, he has spent a lot of consultation on these issues, communicating both online and directly. "These issues are" quite extensive — from appearing on security cameras dark entities in the form of black balls to appease entrenched in the house poltergeist. Appealing to readers, Alex explained that all the information on incoming requests are confidential.

OT: How did you decide to start communicating with the other world?

Yevtushenko: I probably was born that way: I have found a gift in years 5-6 years. A neighbor had a headache, I just moved his hands and took the pain. At the age of 12-13 I started to realize that I'm some special, not like the others. And then I began to study the paranormal. In the dream, often some signs began to appear, strange things happen.

TO: Like what?

Yevtushenko: For example, in a closed apartment, where I was, for no where to begin blowing wind. I remember my brother badly frightened. Once had a case: I have lived in the village, somehow got up and went asleep, I'm sorry to the bathroom. On the way there was a net. I once went through it, and when he went back, bumped into her and woke up. Such cases are, I do not remember them long ago. Since then, I began to study in more detail these strange phenomena, including brownies, nature, spirits (ghosts, ghosts), and poltergeists.

TO: Is not it the same thing?

Yevtushenko: Of course not! Brownies, or as they are called — "Barabashka" — a living creature. I often call it a brownie. Typically, house owners are trying to prove that this is also their home. Can drive people to push or even choke. It happens that flying saucer.

SUMMARY — this is the lowest, are not harmful, they can be in the form of blots some moving spots. If you remember, once wrote that appeared in the museum ghost. We were invited there, we have investigated. So there's these entities — a huge set! Typically, the entity is bound to the object, the place, or to man. The museum majority of entities linked to the subjects. By the way, museum staff said that there is often the pitchers themselves are moved or something inexplicable happens.

TO: What's next?

Yevtushenko: Then there are spirits or ghosts — it's something stronger, something that we can see. If an entity — it can be a "reflection" of an animal, the ghosts — it prints the human soul. They are more powerful than nature, and therefore may show itself. But poltergeist — it is exuberant spirit that comes to destruction, to aggression. A man for his food, a source of energy and he feeds his fear. Because fear — it's a great energy. It happens that a poltergeist can even kill a person, but this is a vengeful poltergeist.

OT: What to do with so violent a "murderer"?

Yevtushenko: First you have to understand what he wants. If the poltergeist is tied to a person, means working with the man. If he is attached to the subject, here easier. You can just destroy this subject, and poltergeist leave. Poltergeists all sorts.

TO: And you see them all?

Yevtushenko: Optional. Sometimes I can see, and sometimes I feel some sort of action, but did not see who did it. When I get the call, I observe and explore. And then I'm interested to get in touch, find out the reason why this man is going on.

TO: But this is terrible — to see ghosts! And the mind can move …

Yevtushenko: Yes why scared of something? I'm more afraid of living people, not dead. When I see what they do live: kill children, torturing others … to some lunatic got bored, he went out and killed someone. None of this nature will not do, they have their own rules. When I lived in the second quarter, in my apartment constantly appeared ghosts. I, for example, I wake up at night, I see — it is necessary. I rolled over, he was gone. I just gave him what he wanted, did not experience fear before him. They simply do not need to be afraid.

TO: It is said that the spirits of Christmas activated …

Yevtushenko: Not only that. Christmas night, Halloween, the night of Ivan Kupala. These days, a very thin line between the worlds, so all the "evil" in and out. It is difficult to explain, but must always be input and output. And it seems to me that this happens to a person saw something and knew. Of course, who wants it. But I can say one thing: everyone interested in the topic of esotericism and mysticism. Believe — do not believe it is another question. But to talk about it and love it.

THEN: The truth is that all these "insights" come to people in dreams?

Yevtushenko: In dreams you can not always see the warning. If a person head is filled with thoughts, challenges, and he lay down with this pile of thoughts, then, how to get through? Thought — it's like a barrier.

Recently there was a case when the girl began to see the reality of their dead relatives. First hear then visible. And if it was to hear, so it imposed a feature, the mission. I will find out which one.

TO: Maybe put a spell?

Yevtushenko: Corruption — is sophomoric. Curse — that's the highest punishment, the "best" way to drive a man to his grave. In many do not believe it, but as long as the person himself does not face a similar situation. And the "possessed" (demons, the devil) also is. I knew one such girl.

THEN: The Exorcist?

Yevtushenko: It was here, in Togliatti. The girl was "obsessed" Twenty years from childhood. The girl could just go and then all of a sudden fall in the mud, lie down, roll, and then go on. It was thought that she had epilepsy, conducted a survey — is a healthy child. Her mother even went to Moscow professors, no one could help her. To be with the girl next door was impossible, it became really scary.

TO: You wanted to do a TV show. You have already footage?

Yevtushenko: I turned on the local television and offered to make a series of programs on the subject. It looked something like this. Receiving a call from Togliatti, I'm operator check out, we shoot, and ….

TO: Cool! It's like in the famous movie "Ghostbusters", where the main characters went with special traps and devices?

Yevtushenko. Not really. But I probably did not understand. They said, here you are, they say, first remove the ghost, and then we'll see. But I had no time to shoot himself. Typically, out of ten cases — only one real. The rest is just something people think or drunk, or schizophrenia. But when something really is, it is not always possible to shoot. Because it is not visible, I just feel SOMETHING. Or, for example, I communicate with the spirit, and suddenly falls and breaks an object. At this point, I do not shoot up, we have to work.

OT: Who like to talk about the bad energy in the apartment …

Yevtushenko: Energy surrounds everything. Imagine a jar of water. One fine — spoon washed, came second — hand rinsed. In areas just as well — power becomes dirty. Very often it happens in bars, in places where there is often quarrel and fight. Ever noticed that there is: come to someone a visit and immediately becomes as something uncomfortable, uncomfortable and scary? This is the negative energy clot that is not going anywhere. And over time, it becomes more tangible. People do not just cause the priest to "clean" the premises.

TO: I want to end on a positive note. End of the world will be?

Yevtushenko: No end of the world will not be! People write to me, asking, I'm tired of talking about what is the specific "divorce" PR. As I recall, the theme of the end of the world has been going on for thirty years, from the time when, found the plate Mayan and supposedly transcribed record.

Once again, the end of the world "moved" on December 21 of this year. It is said that the darkness will come, because people have already bought up all the candles. Recently watched transmission. Dalai Lama conferred on the mountain and decided that the end of the world will begin with a village in the Altai region. Even the title said. So unfortunate residents of this village have bought all that was! Then the Dalai Lama decided that the end of the world still does not start with this village. It's just ridiculous. For me the end of the world — it's all we have. Because it is we are destroying Mother Earth … And as we all decide it will be.



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