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20 Jun 2013, 22:01

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Program to create short-medium range aircraft MS-21 goes according to plan, assured reporters at the air show in Le Bourget, the representatives of the Executive Head of the project — the Corporation "Irkut" and its partners. Over the past year, progress has been made in the development of the key elements that determine the level of perfection liner. Questions remain about the prospects for equipping aircraft engines PD-14 produced domestically. However, motorists promise that nothing will be restrained from schedules. 

On schedule

The leaders of "United Aircraft Corporation" (UAC), the Corporation "Irkut" and companies suppliers of components for the MS-21 at the air show in Le Bourget, reported on the work done. "All of us well," — commented briefly on the progress of the project UAC President Mikhail Pogosyan. According to the President of the Corporation "Irkut" Oleg Demchenko, has now signed contracts with all members of co-operatives, frozen aircraft design, began production of components, put into operation the first four pilot cars, three of which — the flight. In addition, given the work of the individual units of the aircraft. "Production is on schedule," — stated O.Demchenko.

The key technical risk was considered ambitious creation of the so-called "black wings". Anatoly Gaydansky, president of the "Aerocomposite", which will manufacture and supply the wing for the MC-21, said that at the moment tested various components of the wing. Together with the TsAGI tested three prototypes: two were static tests, one passes endurance tests. Two more prototypes are already prepared for the next stage of testing. As expected, in the middle of next year, "Aerocomposite" will produce and send to the customer in Irkutsk first composite wing, which will be installed on the aircraft. Parallel full swing preparing series production, which will unfold in two areas: in Ulyanovsk and Kazan. Today, the basic technology is fully developed, and soon they will be played at production plants, said A.Gaydansky.

Second supplier of composite components will perform "RT-Himkompozit." CEO of the holding Sergei Sokol said "AviaPort", which to date Full-scale prototypes of carbon fiber structures for the coffers of the keel and stabilizing MS-21. The development of these elements was carried out in 2012. In addition, the "RT-Himkompozit" continues to negotiate with the engine building companies to use in the construction of TD-14 sound-absorbing structures, lapped coatings and composite blade design of the holding.

Money in the morning — evening engine

However, there is still a cabal around designed "United Engine Corporation" PD-14 engine. Project MS-21 was originally designed with an eye to the two power settings — with the American PW1400G development of Pratt &Whitney, and with the domestic TD-14. General Director Vladislav UEC Masalov said that today at the Permian "aircraft engines" is already assembled and tested the first sample-engine technology demonstrator, is working off some critical nodes. The engine, which is expected to be fully consistent with the final configuration will put to the test in December 2013. And by the middle of 2014 has probably begun flight testing, he added. V.Masalov also drew attention to the fact that the "Aircraft Engine" filed an application for certification of PD-14 in the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee, and by the end of the year the developer will proceed to the international certification.

As expected, the Russian engines "Irkut" equip 35 of the 135 aircraft ordered to date. However, answering the questions "Aviaport" V.Masalov said that a solid contract with "Irkut" yet. There is an agreement, which will come into force after the transfer of an advance from the customer. Director of APC hopes that the money can be received before the end of the year. "I'm really looking forward to this," — he said.

According to the same O.Demchenko, money UEC can be listed after the "Irkut" will receive an advance payment from the airlines for the aircraft with the engine. Defined with regards to engines carriers should be two years before the date of delivery liner. "UEC is now doing more experienced engine. Once the airline in two years will tell us that they are planning to take planes with PD-14, they list we advance, we list down payment APC. To start the engine, it must still be tested. Engine the stand is not standing. Pratt &Whitney has shown raid. " — O.Demchenko explained.

Progress on the PD-14 is not so long ago was considered at a retreat in Perm, where the results achieved and the problems of the Minister of Industry and Trade reported to the Managing Director — General Designer of the "Aircraft Engine" Alexander Inozemtsev. According to him, the backlog of previously agreed schedule can now be estimated at about one month. Thus, local motorists expect to keep up with the aircraft manufacturers, and at the appointed time to show PD-14 to the test in the power plant of MS-21.

With an eye to the rapid return

An estimated O.Demchenko, break-even point of the project — about 300 aircraft. Total same "Irkut" expects to deliver approximately 1,200 customers cars. Currently develop a portfolio of orders for 253 aircraft, including options. Firm contracts signed by 135 boards. The first customers are owned by the State Corporation "Rostekhnadzor" leasing company "Aerokapital service", wished to purchase 85 aircraft, and "Ilyushin Finance Co."., Which ordered 50 machines. In addition, according to O.Demchenko, two more contracts "Irkut" will conclude in the MAKS-2013: 10 aircraft will acquire the airline "IrAero", 30 — the company "VEB-Leasing".

Total "United Aircraft Corporation" plans in 2025 to produce about 300 aircraft per year, the corporation's president M.Pogosyan recalled in an interview with "The airport." In this case, 50% of the volume of production will account for civilian aircraft. Release Plan SSJ100 aircraft does not exceed 70 units per year. Given the expected supply of government and commercial customers with the Tu-204, Tu-214 and An-148, the share of the MS-21 is less than 80 boards per year. The training program for the production at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, designed to build 82 cars a year, would allow the plans to perform UAC in full.

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