All school teachers Tatarstan equipped laptops

In 2010-2011, in Tatarstan to the projects in the field of education informatization "Computer — school", "Notebook — teacher", "Interactive and projection equipment — school", "Providing access to the resources of the Internet," "E-education in the Republic of Tatarstan" "The remote school", "electronic textbooks" and others.

As part of the project "Notebook — teacher" teacher of Tatarstan received more than 45.4 thousand PCs chipset Intel.


It cost the budget of the Republic of 1 billion rubles, said Thursday at the international conference "E-School-2011" Education Minister of Tatarstan Albert Gilmutdinov.

"However, the provision of schools and teachers of the material and technical equipment — this is only the first stage of informatization of education in Tatarstan. The next step is to fill its educational content and software. But the system will only work on the teacher ", — Considers Gilmutdinov.

According to him, although a quarter of Tatarstan school teachers are an advanced PC users, as many teachers have only basic skills on the computer, and 6% did not have a view of it, and overcome it — one of the main objectives of the projects implemented in the country.

"Therefore, the most important stages of the program — it's re-training teachers to work with new technologies and transferring them to the real process of education", — Gilmutdinov said. According to the minister, the effectiveness of the project will be measured not only by the level of informatization of schools, but also the levels of ICT literacy of students and teachers. Together with Intel in the country is implementing a program of training teachers.

The "laptop-teacher" — is not the only one implemented under the Education Development Strategy of the Republic for 2010-2015. E-Learning model for the elementary school, "one student — one computer" jointly implemented by the government of Tatarstan and Intel in 53 pilot schools of the country, equipped with mobile computer labs with ICLab Mini netbook convertible Classmate PC manufactured by ICL processor-based Intel.

"Technology serve as a tool that activates children's interest in the subject. If the teacher skillfully uses of ICTs, we reach the main thing — students develop core competencies. In the end, it pays off all the investment and education sector operates efficiently ", — Considers Gilmutdinov. The Minister noted that the project involves updating and "industrial park" Tatarstan schools every four years.

In the framework of the project "Computer — school" to update the stationary computer in 1.4 thousand schools in the country delivered to 10.7 thousand computers. Until the end of the year to 1.1 thousand schools in the country will be supplied an additional six million units stationary computers. As a result measure of the number of students per one modern computer for the 2011-2012 academic year will be nine people.

Access to educational institutions to educational resources online through organized information system "E-education in the Republic of Tatarstan". In this system includes 393 digital resource on all subjects of the curriculum, developed with the participation of leading scientists and educators RT. According to the latest data, the portal is regularly used by about 36% of pupils in Tatarstan and 12% of their parents. The portal has become a kind of "social network" for teachers — they formed in it more than 1,5 thousands of communities to 21 subject area curriculum.

The plans of the republic — the development and implementation of new projects in the sphere of informatization of education — "E-kindergarten", "Electronic Enrollment", "Certification of Educators in an electronic format." "The program of the Republic of Tatarstan for the introduction of e-learning meets international standards and will make the current generation of students more competitive in the global labor market", — said vice-president of Intel Corporation, John Davis (John Davies).

Albert Gilmutdinov and John Davis
Albert Gilmutdinov and John Davis

International Conference "E-School-2011" for the first time by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Tajikistan and by Intel. The purpose of its implementation — to exchange information on the state and prospects of development of information and computerization of education in Tatarstan and the Russian regions, the exchange of international experience in the field of personalized approaches to learning. The conference is attended by representatives of 35 regions of Russia, CIS countries, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, USA.

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