All Special Forces Strategic Missile Forces are equipped with armored vehicles, The Shot

    All anti-terrorist units of Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) of the Armed Forces Russian armored vehicles are equipped with "The Shot", RIA Novosti reported.

"The new technology comes mainly all rearm missile divisions. Antiterrorist unit of the Strategic Missile Forces divisions equipped with armored vehicles "KamAZ-43269" ("Shot"), "- told journalists the official representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and the information on the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Igor Yegorov.

Furthermore, in 2013. plans to significantly increase the supply of new vehicles in the Strategic Missile Troops.

Armored Car "The Shot" entered service in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2009. Its armor can withstand shots from a 12.7-mm machine gun "The Rock" from a distance of 300 meters. The machine can be a 14.5-mm machine gun KPVT or 12.7-mm machine gun "Kord", 30-mm grenade launcher "Flame 2", as well as anti-tank missile system.

Note that is being developed by an upgraded version of the KAMAZ-43269 "The Shot" — "Shot-M". As a result of deep modernization of the new armored vehicle will be able to withstand major mine and ballistic threats. For example, mine protection, the specific values which have not been fixed, according to experts, should be at least equivalent to 6 kg of explosives and ballistic protection must be at least 6 a class.

Tests of "shots" to determine the level of mine protection is not carried out, since the requirements for mine protection in TTZ customer does not show. The level of protection given mine car "Shot-M" at this stage of development is being verified by computational methods using simulated effects of an explosion on a mathematical model. The car is positioned in the segment of armored vehicles to the total weight of 14 tons.

The main differences armored car "Shot-M" on KAMAZ-43269 "The Shot":

Car: Cummins Engine 300 hp Transmission: Manual 9S1310; serial drive axles 43118 and 4350; serial transfer box 65111, tires Kama-1260 425/85 R21; protection class 6 according to GOST 50963-96.

The hulls: A new scheme of booking; explosion-proof design; V-shaped design of the bottom, protecting the engine sump and transmission units.  

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