All the world to Rostov

Forming a budget will help the club two or three of the federal FC "Rostov" the first of the leading clubs in the Southern Federal District announced its budget for the next season. Because of the crisis, it is not likely to exceed the budget of this year and will reach 450 million rubles. The club's management hopes that the major gain is not required, because its players were recognized as the best in the league at all positions except one. Keep the club in the next year of the Rostov region and the company "Estar" help "Transmashholding", which will become a shareholder "Rostov". Chairman of the Board of Directors of FC "Rostov" Ali told Uzdenov on the budget of the club for next season: "In 2009, we plan to maintain funding at the level of this season, that is 450 million rubles. If something can not add, we are very happy. But until we start it from this amount. Planned, of course, other amounts, but the financial crisis has made the amendments. " According to him, this year's budget will not exceed 450 million rubles. "Although the press slipped far greater amount — 20 million or even 25 million dollars, but in the football world and many do not believe that we came out with such a budget in the Premier League. "Rostov" do not break into the elite forces of the past, and went out quietly and confidently (the club at the start of the championship took first place in the league and kept it until the last round, ahead of guaranteeing a place in the Premier League. — "RBC daily South" ). We did not expect it would be possible to save on expenses so ", — says Mr. Uzdenov. [Cut] Challenges for the next season is not defined, but the manual "Rostov" estimates that 450 million rubles. will be enough to carry them out. "The core team was formed already this season, some items we will strengthen, but not require major acquisitions," — said Ali Uzdenov. The Council of the Professional Football League (PFL, holds the championship of Russia in the first and second leagues) reported on the vote on the choice of the best players. Head coaches and managers of 22 clubs in the league three out of four nominations given to the players, "Rostov". Was voted the best goalkeeper Roman Gerus, the best midfielder — Michael aspen, top striker — Dmitri Akimov. Captain Rostovites Osinov recognized as the best player and coach Oleg Dolmatov — the best coach in the league. It was only nominated for "Best Defender" gave Roman Lengyel of FC "Kuban", which won second place and also went to the Premier League. As told Ali Uzdenov in June FC "Rostov" announced an additional share issue of 700 million rubles., After the purchase of the share capital of the club which will increase by 15 times (now 48.8 million rubles.) And he will get the new shareholders. "At least get a blocking stake" Transmashholding ". Holding "Estar" by at least blocking save. Approximately 26% will remain with the Administration of Rostov region. Negotiations are underway with TMK, which may redeem 15%, 10% receive some Rostov companies with whom negotiations are ongoing, "- he explained. Now 71.72% of "FC" Rostov "belongs to the Rostov region, 26.63% — OOO" Aurora "(structure" Estara "), 2.05% — JSC" Rostov ". "We decided to raise the maximum number of shareholders, because they form the budget of the club will be in proportion to their packages. And "Estar" and "Transmashholding", and TMK kept adequately in the context of the global crisis, but it is clear that it also affected their work, too, "- says Mr. Uzdenov. A source in the manual "Rostov", this year, the main sponsor of the club was "Estar", a 100 million rubles. Traditionally, the administration has allocated area, sponsors the TMK. "But from the" TransMashHolding "has not received a penny, although their facilities are planned in the budget. However, the year ended with another, "- said the source. 450 million rubles. — Is 16.3 million dollars at yesterday's exchange rate. A very modest sum for the Premier League. The creator of the holding "AGROKOM" Ivan Savvidi, financed the "Rostov" in 2002-2005, estimated the budget of the club in the years to $ 12 million and called it one of the smallest in the Premier League. This is despite the fact that prices in the domestic football market grows faster than inflation.

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