Amarna. Lost City of the Pharaoh. Online

In the desert of central Egypt, archaeologists have discovered an ancient cemetery where hundreds of residents of a town called Amarna. Why this great city has existed for so long? The city of Amarna was built with one purpose: to serve the Pharaoh.

Akhenaten was one of the most prominent Egyptian rulers, Pharaoh-reformer, who married the legendary beauty Nefertiti. He left his enemies Thebes and established a new capital in the area, now known as Amarna. But after two decades of Amarna was abandoned. After the death of Akhenaten his opponents have tried to erase his city to the ground to destroy the memory of the pharaoh reformer.
Transfer talks about the rise and fall of the capital of Akhenaten, explaining why the city for a few thousand years disappeared from the pages of history.

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