American HAARP installation lit sky at an altitude of 170 kilometers above the Earth


The U.S. military is using the radio emission in the ionosphere created a giant cloud of glow discharge

Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (US Naval Research Laboratory), working in the unit occupied by the plasma physics (Plasma Physics Division), reported on its website that had a successful experiment, using the installation HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), located in Alaska. Antenna HAARP, covering an area of almost 20 hectares, was sent to the upper layers of the atmosphere — the ionosphere-powerful electromagnetic radiation of high frequency.

And it literally lit the sky at an altitude of 170 kilometers, there by creating a stable plasma cloud. The glow discharge was held for about an hour.

Plasma cloud that formed at an altitude of 170 kilometers, was in the form of a globe
Photo: NRL

Plasma cloud created as a result of the experiment described in the report, it was not the first. HAARP to generate them before. But for the first time managed to reach a record high density — 900 thousand electrons per cubic centimeter. This is more than two times thicker than before.

If you believe the explanations received from the Office of the Advanced Research Projects of the Ministry of Defense (DARPA), which commissioned the study, then they are held in order to create an atmosphere — the ionosphere below the natural — artificial plasma Education, capable of reflecting radio waves. Specifically shortwave signals. Like, there is no other purposes.

However, not everyone believes the U.S. military. And I suspect that they occasionally use HAARP as climatic and tectonic weapons. At least experimenting in this area — are trying to cause extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall or hurricanes, earthquakes provoked by affecting the radiation on the ionosphere. Some even believe that the plasma clouds created in order to bring down their intercontinental missiles of the enemy.

Conspiracy theorists believe HAARP weapon
Photo: TRUtv

Record the density of the plasma cloud appeared November 12, 2012. It has become known only recently. One can only wonder whether the experiment in the ionosphere anything to do with the many weather anomalies that occurred during the three months. Their "density" is really growing.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory announced that experiments to create a plasma cloud in the upper atmosphere by setting HAARR will be continued in 2013. The task of making them — clouds — denser and more stable. So at the conspiracy theorists will have a reason to blame the "American militarism" of provoking global catastrophes.

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