Analyst dead four days spent in the office


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Colleagues have paid attention to the employee only after a human resources required to explain two missed meetings.


Leadership consulting firm Accenture is trying to figure out how to work in the same office with the deceased did not notice his death. 28-year-old senior analyst who has worked for five years, died on Monday, and the attention it drew only on Thursday.

Death colleagues observed after a human resources required to explain why the analyst missed two important meetings and tore deadline analytical report. According to the security company, the employee did not leave the workplace 109 hours. Medics who arrived in the office, said the officer died 4-5 days ago from a massive stroke.

"Our thoughts are with his family, for them to be a consolation that he died because of that I am sure to get a raise," — said one of the colleagues of the deceased, noting that he was devoted to his work, and certainly would have approved of such a management decision. According to the staff posted to the blog Exposingevilempire. Worked in the office analysts have noted that the deceased was a reserved man and no one liked to talk.

One of the customers seem to communicate with the analyst at the time of his death, said that he just promised to introduce statistics, correcting an error in the calculations and solving customer problems. But the data has not been entered, the employee with the person no longer communicate.

This is not the first death in the office, which was not noticed colleagues of the deceased. In 2011, in one of the publishing houses of New York died 51-year-old proofreader, who has worked at the company 30 years. 23 employees publishers were unaware of the death of Comrade five days. In 2004 in Finland on the job died 60-year-old financial worker. Colleagues who have paid attention to him in two days, said that he liked to work alone.

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