Ancient Worlds / Ancient Worlds watch online

Ancient Worlds / Ancient Worlds watch online
The creators of the film invites the viewer to make incredibly interesting journey in that era, when the infancy of civilization, country or religion. From the formation of the first power and the abuse of power to find the delicate balance between law and freedom of society. Middle East, Egypt, Russian Caucasus and the Mediterranean — in the eyes of prominent historians, archaeologists and regional experts. In the movies that speak of towns in Mesopotamia and the Bronze Age, about the Persian Wars, Alexander the stateliness and Rome, in front of us and come to life and reign military leaders, negotiators and philosophers. The series helps to understand how the successes and failures of our Protz have influenced the modern picture of the world …

1 series: Convergence / Come Together

2 series: Metal Age / The Age of Iron

3 seriesGreek paradox / The Greek Thing

4 series: Return of the King / Return of the King

5 series: The Republic of Virtue / Republic of Virtue

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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