Anomalous phenomena in the Russian school

School — The main place where our children spend their time, until the age of 17. With it, they involve a lot of memories, experiences and stories. And sometimes these stories are associated with mystical creatures, such as Ghosts.

73 school in a small Russian town has an unusual reputation. It is for this reason that it has become the object of study Ghostbusters.

In the middle of last year, a security guard found on the recording cameras strange silhouette, who appeared at a certain time in front of the school. At first thought it was dust or debris on the lens tracking device, so the lenses were wiped out and checked in the daytime. Everything was in order. But at night the ghost showed up again.

Picking up the plan of the old town crew found that in the area where the school is now built, before the cemetery. And now, after the rain the road in some places, sags, forming a cavity in its place, the size of a grave.

The school believes in ghosts. Someone is trying to please them, leaving for the night treat, and someone even lucky enough to photograph the outlines of a ghost in the reflection of just washed the floor. Librarian Olga Lobanov claims that faces the ghosts pranks almost every day. What books are scattered, then there are some suspicious sounds in an empty room, that "feeds" them.

The school principal said that in the paranormal he should not believe for the post, but the photo astral essence keeps your phone for about 6 months.


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