Apocalypse: how, when and why

People often use the word "apocalypse" as a synonym for a grand global scale disaster or how anyone unknown and inexplicable thing — "end of the world." Many civilizations and outstanding minds expressed their theory of the apocalypse. Even name the specific dates of the event. Dubbed versions of "judgment day" a lot from the optimistic position — "Nothing will happen" to fatal — "killed all life on the planet."

Here are several expressed by different people, from simple charlatans and ending pundits, the causes of the apocalypse:
— Coming to Earth of a supreme judge (Prince of Darkness), which will reward each according to his merits;
— invasion of Earth by an alien civilization, which will decide what to do with humanity;
— cosmic catastrophe occurs — for example, the fall of a giant asteroid to Earth;
— terrorists will unleash a nuclear war, which resulted in killed all life on the planet;
— random crashes happen in the computer systems that control the destructive weapons;
— sudden rise in sea level to a level that will lead to the destruction of humanity;
— Earth will begin global cooling, which would lead to the death of all living things;
— catastrophe in the solar system;
— because of the change of the magnetic poles of the Earth, to stop its movement, and the planet will begin to rotate in the opposite direction;
— man-made disaster occurs.

We can not assume that the Maya or the Sumerians, who predicted the apocalypse, were fools. But humanity must make sense of all the possible events that could lead to the death of human civilization.

For many centuries, people with fear waiting for the end of the world. After the death of the last of the twelve apostles of Christ in the year 100 was expected apocalypse — was wrong. Also in 7000 the anniversary of the creation of the world (1492) people were preparing for the end of the world — carried. The Americans planned a test of the first atomic bomb in August 1945 were not completely sure that this military action will not lead to a global catastrophe (to be burned by the whole atmosphere of the Earth), but this time was lucky. In 2008, experts working in the field of installing and running the collider, also feared dire consequences for mankind — fear not confirmed. But mankind will not live peacefully — rumors of an impending apocalypse is not only not subsiding, but also increase exponentially.

According to the philosophical point of view, everything that has a beginning, sooner or later come to an end. This applies to the human civilization on Earth. Almost all religions described catastrophe awaiting mankind. Entries in the sense that with the coming of the Messiah (Jesus in the Christian religion, Matri — from Buddhist mythology, the Messiah — in Judaism) are all sinners will be punished and will begin a new era full of prosperity in the life of human civilization.

According to the predictions of the prophets, a global catastrophe will happen very soon. Clairvoyant Vanga believed that in 2008 it will be third world war. Nostradamus wrote that tragic event for people to begin after 2000. The same date is in the ancient Iranian religious books. And the Mayan calendar and generally ends at December 2012.

Scholars supporters of the "lithosphere" theory of doomsday. The essence of which is that an enormous catastrophe on Earth occurs due to the outbreak of sudden movement of the earth's crust. They believe that it is the shift of the continents led to the death of all previous human civilization. Huge tsunami heaping mass of water to the land, washing away everything in its path. It is in memory of these events is still preserved salt lakes and the sea. If you slide the crust in a short time can be distorted outlines of continents on Earth climate change: some areas will fill constant rain, others will suffocate from the heat and drought.

In the book "Theoretical Geography," written by Russian scientist Alexei and Anatoly Votyakova, described the proposed model for future disasters. They expressed their hypothesis transcripts Nostradamus. Unfortunately, nothing good for humanity did not work: an island of Spain, the United Kingdom is fully immersed in the deep, Europe would be flooded up to the Ural Mountains, the human civilization on the planet would suffer irreparable damage. Such great sacrifices, the authors of the book, can be avoided, but that politicians and scientists are still unclear soothe public opinions. The probability of new settlements of mankind on Earth, in this scenario is 30%.

In 2010, NASA scientists have discovered a strange object space of considerable size, which they attributed to the "acid mist." This unknown substance emerged from the black hole at a distance of more than 28 thousand light-years from Earth. Acid mist is moving toward Earth, destroying in its path of the comet, planets, stars and asteroids. If the velocity of the cloud survive — it can come to Earth in 2014. Not to create panic, NASA did not communicate this information. Scientists estimate the probability of destroying the Earth this acidic substance 18%.

No one denies that may cause the apocalypse can become and collision of Earth with a giant asteroid. Recall the Tunguska meteorite: the release of energy in the collision was more than the explosion of the atomic bomb exploded over Hiroshima. And this despite the fact that the diameter of the Tunguska "stones" was only about 60 meters. If the diameter of a space object crashed into the Earth, will be about 800 meters, a firestorm swept away all living in the vast spaces of the earth, the dust rose into the air, the sun will block access to the surface to begin cooling. Perhaps part of the population will survive, but there is no civilization on Earth. And if the size of a celestial body is more significant? Humanity extremely lucky in 2008, when the Earth asteroid missed in HZ51, with a diameter of 800 meters. However, by April 2029 to the Earth close another asteroid 2004 MN4. Its diameter is 396 meters, and in case of a fall to the ground, there will be great destruction, there will be a tsunami, the released energy from impact, can be 1600 megatons. The probability of this event is 20%.

There is much talk about the problem of melting glaciers in Antarctica and the Arctic. This leads to an increase in sea level and, consequently, an increase in the number and strength of hurricanes and floods. Earth's poles are ice shield of the Earth, reflecting sunlight and maintaining temperature balance of the entire planet. With their rapid melting begins the "greenhouse effect" will flood vast areas of land, will fall to Earth devastating hurricanes. Scientists predict that all the Arctic ice could melt completely by 2100. Even today, the Arctic Ocean in the summer months is practically free of ice. It is assumed that the greatest damage from melting ice will suffer Canada, Russia and Alaska.

It seems that humanity will never stop dreaming about the redistribution of the world by force of arms. Many countries were preoccupied with their safety, began to search for strategic partners. The international situation becomes calmer: the U.S. is the policy of NATO expansion, Russia "friends" with Iran, Venezuela and China. In service with Russia and the U.S. are 19,000 nuclear weapons. Missile defense system will not be able to contain the massive strikes. The third world war would be the apocalypse for mankind.

Our favorite star, the source of all life on Earth — the sun, too, has its "spots" that are dangerous for humanity. It is well known that massive coronary flares many people get sick. Although the Earth's atmosphere provides protection against harmful solar emissions, but it will not sustain huge explosion on the sun, which can burn instantly Earth.

Humanity can and independently, without the intervention of the forces of nature to give himself an end. For example, simulated on a specially designed device — collider, large cosmic explosion. Experts of 50 countries, including the Russian, have created a giant proton accelerator. Placed it in Switzerland (Geneva) at a depth of 175 meters. Scientists plan to overclock with the collider beams of protons in opposite directions to the speed of light and to play them. The goal of the experiment — to understand the universe. Concerns over ordinary people, far from the top of science — as a result of collisions can occur uncontrolled explosion that would lead the entire planet into a deadly accident.

History shows that the most damage to humanity brought no war, and epidemics. Only three centuries of the plague in Europe killed about 75 million people in Africa and Asia, one-third of the population died. The flu epidemic from 1918 to 1920 claimed the lives of 22 million people. Currently, AIDS claims the lives of millions of people and the epidemic has devastating scale: every day in the world of HIV-infected seven thousand people.

But humanity has not learned the lessons of history: in many laboratories around the world are working on the creation of new deadly viruses. Remember: the cause of the epidemic of anthrax in Svedlovske (1979) became an accidental release of contaminated cloud released from the walls of a military laboratory.

Worst of all, that nanotechnology is primarily at the service of the creators superweapon, rather than improving the quality of life of the planet. For example, the U.S. Department of Defense has allocated huge funds for the development of "smart dust" (combat micro-robots) that can capture information in the communication systems of the enemy. Many influential people see the danger to mankind from the introduction of nanotechnology in weapons and military business. It is not excluded that this super-weapon in the hands of criminals and terrorists.

It is possible that his role in the destruction of humanity in the world play and alien beings. After all, they can be customized to earthlings and not friendly. Perhaps, the events described in the book of Wells' War of the Worlds ", not as fantastic as it sounds.

In any case, humanity is elaborately relate to the world and mutual efforts to reduce the risk of being destroyed by their own hands.

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