ASF virus is detected in the Bryansk region goszakaznike

African swine fever (ASF) was detected in wild boar in goszakaznike "Kletnyansky" in the Bryansk region, said on Thursday the regional emergencies department.

Six dead wild boars were found on Wednesday in place of bait in goszakaznike, near the village of Telc. Experts took samples of biological material, then killed pigs were burned on the spot. Studies have shown the presence of dead animals ASF virus.

"Measures are taken to prevent the spread of African swine fever virus: shoot the remaining herd of wild boar by hunters, public awareness … of measures to eliminate the virus from African swine fever," — said in a statement.

Also prepared a draft decree governor of Bryansk Oblast "On the restrictive measures (quarantine) for African swine fever in the rural settlement of Mirny Kletnyanskogo municipal area," the report says.

According to Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region, the police cordoned off the large settlements Kletnyanskogo area exposed positions on the roads. Prohibits the sale of meat and animals.

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