Australia. Pinnacles Desert

Gorgeous golden sands and numerous peaks, sky scraping — it's all about the Pinnacles Desert, which is located in Australia. Especially beautiful this area is in the sun. It seems that everything here is made of gold. After all, even the sharp rocks, towering 1-5 feet are yellow.

Fascinating look desert in the early morning at sunrise and late afternoon when the light goes beyond the horizon. In these moments of sharp limestone rocks leave unusual shadows on the sand. All the Pinnacles, which are located here, and diverse in form and height. To get to the desert, tourists can from the nearest town of Cervantes. Enough to spend 2 hours in the road and you can see it shining in the sun miracle. More than 200,000 travelers come here year after year.

To come to this amazing wilderness is possible at any time. However, the most successful time is the period from August to October. In addition to beautiful scenery, and here you can see the exotic Australian animals that inhabit the desert. Formed this natural landscape in ancient times. Then at this point raged vast ocean. And gold Pinnacles — the remains of shells and sea creatures, which are pressed on time. Slap wind machined strange shapes of these rocks. So we have the good fortune to see this beautiful desert today.



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