Azarov told Kiev to non-international statements on Belarus

Such a statement condemning human rights violations in Belarus made today at the summit of the "Visegrad Four" in Bratislava, the heads of government of Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Ukrainian delegation, which also participated in the meeting, this statement is not a party.

Speaking to reporters, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov explained:

"These documents are not in five minutes. And Ukraine has received the text of the agreement this morning. There is an appropriate procedure for processing such claims, when the country subscribes to a particular application. "

At the same time Ukrainian Prime Minister also noted that Ukraine, given its good relations with Belarus may other means to influence the situation with human rights in this country.

"Belarus, first — a country with which we have all the borders are open, there is a free trade agreement, we are close neighbors, and the fact what's going on in Belarus, we can not not worry. This concern, given estimates which are now European countries are, we can bring to the Belarusian government in other ways, and it is our way, and we do, "- said Azarov.

According to Azarov, Ukraine believes that the dialogue can be more useful than a signed document that the Ukrainian side had no opportunity to study in detail.



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