BBC: How does the Earth. Documentary

The surface of our planet may seem static, but the mechanisms that take place in the center of the Earth offer us a completely different picture. Every day, the Earth is about fifty large earthquakes and the average twelve powerful volcanic eruptions. Every second, the ground beneath our feet is moving and changing. Traveling to the center of the earth, we're going to show you how geological processes in the heart of the planets influence our lives and draining the oceans.

Planet Earth is unique, it is a miracle of planetary mechanics driven by an internal heat. The latest satellite images, given the radar and sonar, it is possible to create — a virtual model of the planet. Earth is the mechanism and that's how it works …

The mechanism of the planet Earth is in constant motion by the forces raging in the heart of the planet. This process began 4 billion 600 million years ago, when the Earth was formed only. At the time she was a ball of molten lava. Over millions of years, it is cool, and it formed a solid crust. Through cracks in the crust broke through a new kind of lava. It was lighter and shaped plates on the surface of the cortex, which then began to land.

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