BCD vs. Justice: The fourth round

And the 10th hour of the morning in the Supreme Court of Belarus began meeting on a complaint hitherto unregistered Belarusian Party Christian Democracy to the Ministry of Justice. Representatives of the party required to recognize that the failure of Justice to register the party is illegal and violates the rights of its founders.

The meeting began with the two motions. Representatives of the unregistered party asked, first, to allow the process of co-chair of the organizing committee of the party Paul Sevyarinets, which is now is in the "American." It Seviarynets cooking party conventions, doing all the documentary business. And secondly, will allow them to familiarize themselves with some of the details of this case.

In the first petition the court refused. With the second agreed and adjourned the meeting for 30 minutes to study the case.

The organizing committee of the BCD spent three founding congress three times to apply for registration. And three of the Ministry of Justice gave a negative answer.

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