Because of the earths axis shift Ukraine threatens earthquake at any time

The earthquake in Japan, which led to a shift in the Earth's axis by about 10 centimeters, will increase the number of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, climate change, to darken the atmosphere and reduce the solar heat. This forecast was made seismologists.

As for Kiev, the capital of the only seymostantsiya located in the basement to sensitive equipment from responding to car travel. The most likely of all that I can fix this — it pushes from Romania, from the so-called zone of Vrancea. They can reach up to Kiev: shocks can reach 5-6. And those who are on the border with Romania, could be worse. In Kiev, has always relied on the fact that the maximum possible earthquake here would be a magnitude 6. In accordance with this and build houses. New homes — stronger. They can withstand and 7-magnitude earthquake, said the builder. But the probability of such an earthquake — small.

Map of the Institute of Geophysics suggests an earthquake of magnitude 5 — on most of the territories of Ukraine is once in 100 years. 6-point — once in 5000. From these houses shocks do not fall, unless they are very old and do not stand on the sands. Seismologists say that to prepare for an earthquake is almost impossible, because it can not be forecast. No one can say whether this will happen tomorrow, or in 5000 years. Seismic activity in the Crimea — one of the highest in Ukraine. In this region, the 7-magnitude earthquake may occur once in 5000 years.

As you know, what happened on Friday, March 11, became the most powerful earthquake in Japan on record and caused a devastating tsunami. According to preliminary estimates, the number of dead and missing reached 1.2 thousand.

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