Belarus will be free but without Lukashenko

This was stated by the executive director of the nongovernmental organization Freedom House, David Kramer, who said that no other interventions alone will not work.

"The best way to remedy the situation — if Alexander Lukashenko lose power. And while he has one, no lasting changes are impossible, "- said Kramer Lithuanian portal DELFI.

— "He is a dictator, responsible for serious violations Human Rights, there is a suspicion of his involvement in the blast in Minsk, in addition, it poses a threat to the Belarusians themselves, and maybe even for others ", — said Kramer.

"I believe that he is responsible for the fact that his country has suffered economic collapse. Economy — in a terrible situation, inflation is rising, the price of currency falls, foreign exchange reserves are over. For all of this responsibility Lukashenko is, so I think that as long as the power in his hands, Belarus will suffer. And it will create problems for its neighbors, such as Lithuania ", — said the executive director of Freedom House.

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