Belarusian fisherman caught a giant catfish

Giant catfish weighing more than 50 kg fisherman caught Stolin district of Belarus. The village Belousha (Brest region) on the river Horyn local resident Sergei Sen caught spinning fish weighing 51.5 kg and a length of more than two meters, according to "Belta".

Som, who dwells in our latitudes, is the largest freshwater predator. Under favorable conditions and circumstances (if the fry are caught) grows up to 180 kg. However, any fish, comparable in size to the person — not only pride for the fisherman, but also an occasion for the media to publish the pictures.

So, in September of Rostov two fishermen caught catfish weighing 40 kg. As "Yarnovosti" fish pulled out of the water-way for 40 minutes. Belarusian publications do not report how much effort was worth Senya victory over a record size fish.

According to the manual, a resident of Izhevsk catfish caught up in one and a half meters. Proud fisherman published a video.

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