Belarusian mark in the Russian criminal scandal?


Belarus, "Belneftekhim" and the name "Mackay" referred to in the materials seized in the case of illegal casinos in Moscow region.

Pushkin Moscow city court on February 17 authorized the arrest of six defendants in the case of the organization of an illegal gambling business in the Moscow region.

Among those arrested the alleged leader of clandestine casino Ivan Nazarov, his two assistants and three law enforcement officers.

At the central office Nazarov in the gallery "Triumph" in the center of Moscow found the documents, which the investigation relates to an escaped from Russian oligarch Barys Berezovsky. Some of them date back to the end 2010. According to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", was found notebook, which could use Nazarov or other authorized representative of Berezovsky.

On one of the pages of a newspaper published next mentions "Byelorussia", "Belneftekhim" and "Mackay" — It is this name in the current head of the presidential administration Alexander Lukashenko.

Among the entries: "Learn, how about Belarus voted resolutions. About Georgia", "Carry on with Klaus Mangold" Belneftehim. " (Klaus Mangold — The head of the Eastern Committee of German economy, which had been in Minsk).

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